Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dearest Natalie,

The calendar says that you're four months old today. But that's not right...is it? Have I really only been able to look into your sweet blue eyes for four months? I guess it must be so. Before you came, time couldn't fly fast enough as we waited for you to make your appearance, but now it is passing all too quickly since you arrived.

You are such a sweetheart, so typically patient and calm, crying only when you are hungry or tired, or during your regularly scheduled fussy evening times. You eat wonderfully, and are old enough now to start eating cereal, which your brother thinks you will probably spit out. He's probably right. :) You're a great sleeper, too, even sleeping through the night about as often as not lately! And you nap flexibly, falling asleep in the car or in the wrap if we're out.

Your little hands are so busy now, you're working hard on mastering the art of grabbing things and then immediately stuffing them in your mouth. And when there's nothing else around to grab, your hands can be found in your mouth. Watching you suck your thumb as you fall asleep is totally adorable. :)

You like to play on the floor, especially when there is music to listen to. You are SO CLOSE to rolling from your back to your front, you roll alllllll the way over on your side, even crossing your top foot over your bottom foot...and then you stop short of rolling over. You hate to be on your tummy anyway, so I understand there's not much motivation to roll over that way. :)

You adore your brother. When I'm working on something and I need to occupy you both, I tell Z to come and talk to you. He says things like, "Hey, Nallie, awwwww...whatsa matter, Nallie?" as he lays down next to you (or occasionally on top of you, whoops!) and cuddles and kisses you. :) You love it - you smile at him with big grins and watch him all the time no matter what he's doing.

You are such a precious girl, and I am so thankful that you're my little girl. I can't wait until you get big enough to put bows in your hair, but more than that, I'm really looking forward to the day you're old enough to hear Daddy and I talk about Christ and His love, and the miraculous day that you accept Him as your very own Savior. I am so glad to have the privilege of being your mommy. I love you!

Love, Mommy.


Tiffany said...

Really??? She is 4 months. That can not be right. Oh how it goes so quickly. Hold onto it Carrie. She is beyond precious.

Rebecca said...

Very sweet! You have a way with words, carrie.
Love the post about Z singing - and the marker - So true!

Kim said...

What a little doll!

Julie said...

Aww she sounds like a sweety!

Sharon said...

Hi Carrie! i saw your link on Erin's blog and came over to say hello! I'm in Central NY (near Cooperstown) and I'm always delighted to meet other NY bloggers. I feel like the only one sometimes!

Your children are beautiful... I hope you enjoyed your trip to Iowa!