Saturday, April 24, 2010

Garage Sale Finds!

This weekend, I had the opportunity to go to some garage sales in my MIL's area out here near Des Moines. Have you ever been to one of those city-wide garage sale weekends, where a lot of people have garage sales, so you can just walk around a neighborhood and go to a bunch of sales? Well, that's what my Hubby's parents' town was doing this weekend, so we walked around their neighborhood, and I found a lot of great deals! Some stuff I wanted, and some stuff I didn't even know I needed... :)

Like this Kidopotamus plastic bib - I've always wanted one of these. I paid 50 cents for this:

And a like-new swimsuit for me from Land's End for $1!

One garage sale had a bunch of these handmade signs - so cute! My MIL actually bought this for Natalie's room - all the pieces together cost about 2.25!

At the first garage sale, I bought this alphabet desk for $1. I felt bad because the lady gave me something for free, so I felt like I had to buy something... :)

At the last place we went, I got this programmable 12-cup coffeemaker for $3. And an insulated mug to go with it - 5 cents! :)

And I paid 50 cents for these adorable pink Nike sandals for Natalie - they're a little big, but hopefully they'll fit her by the time July or August rolls around!

This was one of the purchases I was most excited about - I paid two dollars for this, but it's so neat! You can use the letters to spell the words, as shown, and there are a bunch of cards on it - what a neat way to teach the concept that letters make words!

And we all know how Z loves his wipe-off books - I have been looking for a wipe-off letter writing book, and I found one for 50 cents!!!

One of the things I really wanted to find was a Little Tikes basketball hoop - and we did end up finding one - for $5! It was missing the net, but there was another little clip-on basketball hoop at the same sale for 50 cents, so we got them to throw that in, and Mom zip-tied the net onto the hoop, and it works perfectly!
We picked up this potty chair for FREE! I think you can put batteries in it and it will light up or sing or something when the child goes potty - I have no idea if it works, but hey, it was free. :)

The first garage sale we went to, I asked the lady if she'd take a dollar for this caterpillar ABC puzzle, and she said, "Oh, just take it, I don't even know if all the pieces are there." They are! So this awesome wood puzzle was FREE!

On Thursday morning, I ran out to a garage sale really quick, because they had Little Tikes toys advertised, and as I said, I was looking for the basketball hoop. Earlier that week, Z had been watching some neighborhood kids ride bikes, and seemed pretty excited about it. So when I saw this little trike for $5, I had to get it for him. :) It even has a little dump bed on the back, that really dumps! He loves it, as you can see. :)

Oh, and so much more... two crib/toddler bed mattress pads for $1.50 each, a Super Baby Food book for 50 cents, and a few kids clothing items, too. Garage sales are awesome!!! :) Now we just have to figure out how to fit everything in the car for the ride home tomorrow!!!

What great deals have you gotten lately?


Deni said...

Wow, I hope I can find some good garage sales like you went to, I'd love to get some things for Parker.

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Did you see my mom and sister? They were in Grimes Fri & Sat! I found three pair of new sandals for $1 and a huge firetruck for 50 cents! I just hit the one sale in my's like my form of self-control! :) Woot! Woot!