Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wearing Natalie

As the mom of one child, I enjoyed babywearing. I learned about babywearing when Zachary was 9 or 10 months old, and I won a ring sling. I wore Zachary in a frame backpack carrier, until he got to be about 20 pounds and it was too uncomfortable on my shoulders, and then I bought a Patapum soft-structured carrier, and wore him constantly and comfortably in that. Until I was about 5 months pregnant, and then nothing was comfortable anymore, so I had to take a break from babywearing, but I waited and planned and looked forward to wearing my new baby girl. I also made my own stretchy wrap, which I wore Zachary in just a few times, for fun.

Now, as a mom to two children, babywearing is an ESSENTIAL part of every day. Natalie loves hanging out in the stretchy wrap as I make breakfast for Z & I and then eat, and then I run around the house & get my housework done while she naps in the wrap. She is not a fussy baby, by any stretch of the imagination, but she's only six weeks old, and prefers being held to being by herself - so this helps our house be much more peaceful and joyful during the mornings. And the evenings are her fussy time, and she is NOT happy to sit by herself, and even to be held sometimes - but in the wrap, she quiets and even sleeps a little while I make dinner and eat - I get a lot of extra exercise, too, because she likes to be in motion even when I'm sitting still, so I wiggle while I sit (or bounce while I stand). :)

Natalie is also rather easily overstimulated, especially when we're out in public, though she is getting a little better as the weeks go on. So I find that wearing her in public settings also helps her to relax and not be as fussy as if she were being passed from person to person. Here is the first time I wore her - she was about 10 days old, and I was going to camp for a staff reunion. She was warm and comfy and slept the whole time:

The best part is, here's what I get to see attached to my front the whole time I'm doing mundane chores:

I also have used my ring sling on several occasions - my husband has been doing ALL of our family's grocery shopping, so that I don't have to get both kids out to the grocery store, so I haven't had THAT pleasant experience yet, but I do run into a little local store each Wednesday morning to grab a few items that are better bought there, and wearing Natalie in the sling keeps my hands free to shop and wrangle Z. :)

I also wrapped Natalie at the dr.'s office when she had her one-month appt, and it really helped keep my hands free, again, to wrangle Z. Who is 2, so he requires a lot of wrangling in public places. :) The wrap takes me 2-3 minutes to get on, and then a minute or two to get her settled in, but when we are going from home to the doctor's office or store, I will put the wrap on at home, and just wear it empty to town, and when we get there, I pop her in it straight from the car - when it's cold out, I can wear her under my coat or put a blanket over her to keep her warm as we go into the building. The sling is super fast to put on, like 30 seconds, and only takes a minute to pop her in, so I don't bother putting that on before I arrive at the store.

I guess my point is this: As a new mom of two, I honestly do not know HOW anyone does it withOUT babywearing!!! And also? I love it - it's SO fun, and so sweet. :)


Shanilie said...

What a gorgeous sling! Love the color of the fabric. Baby wearing does have so many wonderful advantages. I started with Riley because I honestly didn't know much about baby wearing when I had Jacob. It is amazing the things you find out once you start blogging.

Tiffany said...

Aw, she really does look so sweet! I never really got into baby wearing. {sad} I was too strict with getting my babies on schedules. Foolish maybe. We shall see what happens if God blesses us with number three. I really like the idea of baby wearing, but I wonder if I am really too uptight of a mommy to actually put it into practice.

Zoey Martin said...

How gorgeous do the two of you look together! I have been wondering about the logistics of having a baby and a toddler, it's good to hear that babywearing makes it that little bit easier. I loved wearing Riley when she was little - particularly in those super fussy times when she would just not abide being put down.

Rebecca said...

Very cool - I wore E a lot but could never master "wrangling" while wearing...hmm...perhaps you could give me some tips!
How did you make your own sling? Are there instructions online somewhere??

Stephanie Precourt said...

Oh, so precious in that wrap!! :)