Monday, February 8, 2010

Tot School

This week, for Tot School, we played outside, and did one craft, and focused on puzzles! So here are some pictures of our week:

We made adorable, edible snowman crafts one day. (I got the idea from Confessions of a Homeschooler) This was our first one, and I didn't think about the marshmallows I chose, and they weren't flat, so this guy looked a little soggy...

Here is our 2nd guy, I think he turned out much better, don't you?

And here's Zachary enjoying the wonky snowman. :)

And here is Zachary drinking hot chocolate out of a real 'big boy' cup. :) I think he spilled it either three or four times. We'll stick with sippies most of the time for now. :)

This week, we focused on puzzles - I bought him a new Melissa & Doug puzzle that I was SO excited about - it is of musical instruments. I LOVE Melissa & Doug stuff, especially their sound puzzles! And this one is so well -done - each instrument plays a little tune in the appropriate tone as you put the instrument into the right spot. Each instrument plays the SAME song, just in a different tone, so that if you're teaching your child to recognize the instrument's sound, they don't get distracted/confused by different songs for each instrument - isn't that well thought-out?

Zachary really enjoys it. :) He has one more sound puzzle - of vehicles. It makes a coordinating sound for each vehicle, and Z loves this puzzle as well. (also Melissa & Doug)

Z also has this super unique puzzle that he got for Christmas (also Melissa & Doug)- it is a 'sea animals' puzzle, and you take the pieces out by using a magnetic fishing pole - each piece has a magnet on it. It is SO fun! :) My favorite part is hearing him say the animals' names - "quid", "tingway", and "otto-pus" are the best. :)

As a part of 'life school' this week, Zachary is still enjoying playtime with Natalie each day. Here he is sharing his car with her. :)

And here he is giving his kitty toy a drink from his sippy cup of juice. Learning to care for others is important. :)

Zachary loves music, and he has several CDs that are teaching him great songs about God, and I SO love to hear him sing! I hope to share about some of his favorite CDs in my next Tot School post, but we have a lot going on this week, so it may be two weeks before I get that all together. For more great Tot School ideas, visit 1+1+1=1!


Unknown said...

I love the little snowman!

melaniet42 said...

I love the s'mores snowmen! We adore Melissa & Doug products around here too. We have some of the basic puzzles, but my favorite is the Latches Board that we just picked up at a consignment store. Looks like it was a great week - can't wait to read about the music CDs!

Tiffany said...

How fun! I love the one of Z drinking his cocoa. I think I have a similar photo of Cadi around that same age! So sweet (and messy!!). Both of my kids love doing puzzles, but you made me feel sooo guilty! HA! We have a ton of M&D's puzzles that have sounds and I have NEVER put batteries in them. {gasp} I better get on that.

Rebecca said...

Seems like you're having fun in the midst of the winter dulldrums! We love Melissa & Doug stuff too!

Shanilie said...

Great craft! We did a similar one where the eyes were made of cloves.

So sweet seeing the 2 boys playing together. So cute and growing so fast!

Julie said...

I love Melissa and Doug puzzels. So fun!