Friday, February 5, 2010

My Legacy

Zachary and I were discussing something, and I made the comment that he had used a big word.

"Oh, my WORD!", he replied...and then went on...

"Oh, my WORD, Chi-YULD, my PA-tience!"

and it was like looking at myself in a mirror. A little mirror, chock full of my attitudes and words.

Not pretty. (Rather like looking at oneself in a mirror 6 weeks after giving birth, but we won't go there.)

I was instantly ashamed that my child has obviously heard this phrase enough times to learn and repeat it.

And then I decided to lighten the mood by turning on some music, so I flipped my iPod to Nichole Nordeman. But God wasn't going to let me off that easy.

I immediately heard this song, about the legacy we leave. Here are the specific words that made me cry and turn to God in prayer:

I want to leave a legacy

How will they remember me?

Did I choose to love? Did I point to You enough

To make a mark on things?

or did I talk constantly about my patience, and how thin it was?

Lord, help me to turn to You in times of frustration, and lean on You for patience and strength as I love my babies. Help me to be Christ to them, and to represent You in the way You would want to be represented. Remind me that through my attitude, each dirty dish and every dirty diaper can be a ministry to my family, and an opportunity to help my children know You more intimately.


Tiffany said...

Oh Hon. We all have those days. But you are right where God wants you - tender and open to his gentle leading and chastising. Your children are so blessed to call you mom. I am praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Mothering is so hard. Every day seeing your own faults reflected back at you. Remember to see your strengths too. He is learning them from you as well. :) ((Hugs))

Zoey Martin said...

They are such sponges - and such a reflection of ourselves. Riley paces when she's pretending to be on the phone - something I've always done. And the other day, she started to say "Shut up". Husband says it all the time to the cat. But at least now he sees why he can't use that kind of language.

Erin said...

I'm sorry I haven't been by your blog in awhile. Oh, Carrie...the lessons we can learn from those closest to us - even if they are children.

Rebecca said...

Good post, Carrie. I feel that way with Miss E when she repeats my attitudes and actions - it's very convicting. Praise God for using our children to sharpen us!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Amen, Sista! Praying God will give you strength--I remember being six weeks out with twins...not my most patient days! God will use those words for His Glory, though--don't forget! Someday, when Z is older and he's in a frustrating spot, God's going to remind him "patience"! Praying you'll have a good weekend of serving your family! :)

Sherri said...

It is so amazing how quick they pick stuff up! that is a great song!