Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 - The Year in Smiles

I loved looking back over each month & picking a picture of Z - it is so fun to see how he's grown over the year - I could hardly believe that the January picture was less than a year ago! So, here we go!!!

January: (working retreats at camp)

February: (first haircut for Z)

March: (vacation in the Smokey Mountains with Hubby's family)

April: (announcing that Z would be a big brother in December)

May: (grandparents visit)

June: (summer camp)

July: (summer camp)

August: (trip to Darien Lake amusement park, grandparents came to family camp, found out we're having a GIRL!!!)

September: (retreats, I became a full-time SAHM, trip to Creation Museum)

October: (Tot School, family vacation to Virginia/Washington DC)

November: (Thanksgiving, Tot School)

December: (Z's 2nd birthday, Natalie's VERY first birth-day)

Praise the Lord for the amazing blessings He has given us this year of 2009! I am SO looking forward to all the wonderful things He will do in 2010!


Tiffany said...

Aww, so sweet! He has grown so much!

Kim said...

That last one is so precious!! Your kids are spaced apart exactly like mine. I think we are off by a week. :-) My two are now starting to play with each other a lot more. It is so sweet. You have so much fun ahead in this coming year.