Wednesday, August 26, 2009

God Always Provides!

Well, I've been absent again...last week, I was struggling with a stomach virus, and this week, it's been just your garden-variety cold virus. Yesterday was a pretty bad day, so I went to bed at 8:30 last night, and got up at 7:30 this morning, and I feel much better today. And I just HAD to tell you about God's amazing provision for our family - just what He's given us this morning.

Earlier this week, I went through all Z's clothes that I had bought or been given for this winter, organized them, and inventoried them to see what we still needed. And I came up with a rather specific list:

-Jeans - 18 months, 24 months
-Warm Jammies - 24 months
-Shirts to go under overalls (I have FOUR pairs of overalls) - 24 months or 2T
-Brown 'church' shoes - size 6
-Tennis shoes - size 5 and 6

So this morning, I headed to our local thrift store (which is a ministry of a local church, and the clothes there are $1 a bag, and books & toys are always free). Sometimes their selection isn't the greatest, especially in the smaller kids' sizes, but I thought, hey, it's worth a look.

And here's what God provided:

FOUR shirts to go under overalls
FOUR pairs of jeans in the correct sizes
FIVE pairs of warm jammies in the correct sizes

FIVE pairs of shoes in the correct sizes
...and one pair of little brown 'walkers' for the new baby :)

and some gratuitous extras that were just too cute to pass up - most of these are 3T, but the adorable green vest with the football is for this winter - 2T. :)

Also, we got ALL these toys and 11 Books for free!!!

And I'm super excited about this purchase:

A Paint-With-Water Pooh book - not even used!!! I was just wondering the other day if they made these anymore!

And the neatest part was that the shoes and toys were not even out on the shelves when we started shopping today. They were being unpacked from a tote while we were shopping, and we were able to grab them up! A lady who was working to unpack it kept offering us things, which was so sweet.

Oh, and by the way, the total $$ spent for all this loot? $1.50. God provides in so many amazing ways for our family, and I just wanted to share His awesome gifts with all of you!

How has He blessed you this week?


Anonymous said...

wow, Carrie, that is so awesome. What a blessing! I need to get my kids' stuff organized so I can see what they need. I know I need a bunch of size SEVEN pants for Ryan-- where did my baby go anyway? Sigh. :)

Praise the Lord for His provision. Beyond all we could ask or think!

Liz said...

That's wonderful ... thank you Lord

Amy W said...

Amazing!! God is good - all the time. He's been showing me a new business opportunity lately. Can't talk just yet... :)

hvplace said...

Thanks for posting this Carrie! Phil. 4:19