Friday, August 21, 2009


I have been decidedly absent from my own blog these last couple of weeks. I've been living my life, and not worrying about blogging it. I've been finishing up camp, and all the office work that comes with a 'last week' of work (although I'll be sharing & explaining & 'training' for another few days, and also cleaning all my pictures & junk out of my desk at some point). I've been enjoying having my hubby home, since I don't get to see him much during the summer, and also enjoying taking time to sit and play with my son. I know he was with me all summer, but it's just not the same as when we're one on one, feet in the creek, or exploring all the wonderful places that crayons will draw (and wipe off) in our kitchen. As an aside, did you know that you can draw on your skin with crayons, and it will wipe right off? I didn't! But now I do. :)

Our family also took a trip to a local amusement park with our whole staff, where Z attempted to enjoy a couple of kiddie rides (pictures soon), and dipped his big toes in the kiddie pool at the waterpark. Also, the lowlight of our day was that Hubby lost his wallet. It came back in the mail today, sans cash. And, God was merciful to us in another way - SOMEONE who shall remain unnamed at this time but was riding in the passenger seat to the amusement park, left their window down ALL DAY while we were in the park, and yet NOTHING was stolen from our car.

I have had a little time to still enjoy reading and commenting on others' blogs these past couple of weeks, and I have discovered a true gem that is just rocking my world. Kelly was a roommate of mine in college, and we recently 'found' each other on Facebook somehow. While looking at her page, I noticed she had links up to her blog, and I began to read her posts. And, WOW. She is an absolutely amazing writer, with such a strong, sweet heart for God. I can't even begin to tell you how encouraged (and at the same time, convicted) I am when I read her writing. This and this are my two most favorite posts of hers. Part of the reason I identify so strongly with the things she writes about is that we each have a toddler, and we each have another baby due in December. So we both struggle daily with keeping patience and love foremost in parenting our toddlers, and also with the joy, uncertainty and slight overwhelmed-ness that comes with expecting our 2nd babies!

Sometimes I enjoy reading people's blogs because they're funny, or because I identify with them, or because I think their lives are so interesting, I want to read about them. And these things all apply to Kelly's blog, but the real reason I love to read her work, besides the sheer beauty of the words she crafts, is her heart. Her passion and desire to serve Christ through her parenting, writing, and every area of her life is woven into every gorgeous sentence she shares. So, go on, check it out!

I'll be back with more of my own mediocre 'writing' in a few days, I'm sure. :)


Kelly said...

Awh, thanks so much for your sweet words about me, Carrie! When you said you were featuring my blog, I had no idea you were going to say so much!

You've truly encouraged me today - the things you said are an answer to my prayer for my blog, that God would be able to use it to show Himself through me in the way that only He can. Oh, I feel SO unspiritual on this end of it all!

Thank you so much for your kindness; it's like getting a whole box of those little encouragement cards we used to get from Mrs. G's (man, I BLANKED on her name!) office!

Amy W said...

She does have a neat blog. I'll have to spend more time checking it out! I'm a subscriber now! (You should give yourself a little more credit too.) :)