Thursday, July 16, 2009

Observations From the Day:

-My son is obsessed with balls. Anytime he loses a ball he's playing with or sees a ball but can't have it or play with it right away, he throws a tantrum.

-There are a lot of balls in the Dollar store.

-Skin really itches when it's peeling from a bad sunburn.

-It is very discouraging to find a gray hair while listening to the Backstreet Boys. (wait, did I admit to that out loud? Actually, Zachary loved the music, too - you should've seen him bopping his head!)

-Teething bites. Ouch. Actually, the other day, as I was attemping to lovingly apply Orajel to my son's molars (he's getting BOTH bottom two-year molars this week), he bit me so hard that my finger still hurt the next morning. Literally.

-When your son is getting two molars, it is probably not a good time to attempt to also change his nap schedule from two naps to one nap.

-One one-hour nap per day is not nearly enough for a 19-month old OR his mother.

-My son said 'bacon' today. Actually it sounded like 'boo-coo' but it was clear what he wanted. Boomama would be so proud. :)

-Here are the essentials that a fun toddler playground must have: Steps that toddlers can climb by themselves, which lead to slides. Period.

-Apparently, July 10th marks the END of the summer. According to Wal-Mart. ALL of their summer stuff is on clearance, so if you think you might need any sandals, beach essentials, or summer clothes in the next TWO MONTHS REMAINING IN THE SUMMER SEASON, I guess you should've thought ahead. However, if you'd like to purchase and put up your fall decorations on July 15th, they are in stock. Three aisles worth.

-If you need a plastic popsicle making tray because someone told you that you can use pudding in them to make delicious pudding pops and you've been craving them ever since, don't bother going to Wal-Mart. They're all out. And so is the Dollar store. But they have balls. Oh, yes, they do. Many many different kinds of balls. In nearly every aisle.


Anonymous said...

Oh Carrie, what a day!!! Sorry, but your post made me laugh. I have SO been there. Anyway, I can't believe you didn't know that summer is over after the Fourth of July. Where have you been? ;) Seriously, come fall, make sure you buy Z's boots in like September or it will be impossible to find any in his size except the pink camo ones. And don't feel bad about the gray hairs. I found my first when I was SEVENTEEN and now it's just bad. Hair dye is my friend. :)

Wow, Erin. Get your own blog. ;)

Anonymous said...

My 19 month old is obsessed with balls too!!!!! He has a major break down if he can't play with one he sees.... it doesn't help that his older brother (who is turning 4 tomorrow) also would like to play with said balls.... it can get really bad when this happens LOL. You would think that 5 or so balls in one room would be enough for both boys, however this doesn't seem to be the case :)

cassie said...

awww too cute! Aiden loves balls too! football soccor doesnt matter! Hope you are doing well!