Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nearly Perfect

Our weekend was nearly perfect. Saturday began with a trip to town for our family, with a napping baby in the backseat, Hubby & I got to chat about our weeks and everything else. Then we came home, and Hubby headed for a nap, and Z & I headed outside. We walked in our nearby creek, threw countless rocks into said creek, splashed in mud puddles, and explored the camp's maintenance barn. Then we came inside for freezie-pops and a Smoothie, and went back out to enjoy the afternoon some more. Sunday was church, and in the afternoon, we managed to enjoy some pool time on the porch. The only part that WASN'T perfect, is the fact that Z fell off of his little slide on Saturday, and is now sporting a BIG scrape on his forehead. :(

When it came time for Monday morning registration, I was relaxed, and prepared, and ready. And it went smoothly. I managed not to stress out too much, for once, so that was positive. AND that was the LAST Monday morning youth camp registration of the summer - my LAST, since I'll be quitting in less than three weeks to stay home full-time!!!

Then I drove our babysitter home, and while backing out of her driveway, I just barely crashed into a trailer with a large piece of construction equipment on it. It just scratched the bumper of the car. So that put a little dent in my good Monday mood right there, especially having to tell my Hubby - I felt terrible, but he was very understanding. On a side note, when you're confessing something terrible to your Hubby like crashing the car, does anyone else have a really difficult time keeping a straight face??? I feel like such a dork, giggling as I'm describing the damage to the rear bumper of our car!

But the rest of the day went fine after all. Z spent the entire day with babysitters, playing outside around camp, so that's always a fun day for him.

Today, however, has been the aftermath of all that fun. Tantrum City. Wow. One of his tantrums this morning lasted twenty minutes. It began because I would not let him have a sucker. And continued when I put him in a chair for time-out. And when Daddy got him out of the chair. We were actually alternating between trying to help him, ignoring him, and laughing at him as he threw himself down on the floor and screamed. Because, what else can you do? Here's how I typically handle tantrums: I don't. I just say, "Z, I'm sorry, but you may not have a sucker right now. Throwing a tantrum is not acceptable." and then I go on with whatever I'm doing and ignore him. He usually stops within a minute or two once he realizes I'm ignoring him. But now, it is naptime. Oh, glorious naptime. :) Breathe a sigh of relief with me, will you??? :)

And then, breathe a prayer for Stellan, because he is again not doing well. I guess last night and today have been slightly better than yesterday was, but my heart just aches for MckMama and their whole family - I can't imagine the pain of watching your child's heart fail, and being able to do nothing about it. Updates can be found on twitter - from MckMama, and on her My Charming Kids blog.


Tiffany said...

Sounds like a wonderful Saturday, minus the scrape! My Cadi burned herself on Friday, and I feel just awful! I hate when our kiddos get hurt!
My best friend giggles when she is nervous or scared - that is funny!
And I hear you on poor Stellan. It definitely puts our "problems" in perspective, huh?
I just found out that because of finances here at camp, we are probably going to miss the conference this year. {sad} I was looking forward to getting to know you more.

Seriously. said...

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one with free tickets to Tantrum City these days!

Yes, always praying for Stellan!!!

zoeyspeak said...

Ah tantrums - the worst is when they forget why they're even having the tantrum so it just goes on, and on, and on . . . Ignoring it is my policy too - I'll let you know how it works out ;o)