Monday, June 15, 2009

Post Office Parenting Fails

Because of my secretarial work at the camp, I often have to visit the local post office. And because I take my son to work with me, he gets to go to the post office, too. Visiting our tiny post office used to be a joy, because of our cheerful, friendly, knowledgeable postmaster, Cheryl. She was more than willing to help me with my endless bulk mailing questions, entertain my little Z while helping me check out, and I considered her a personal acquaintance, if not a friend. However, a little over a year ago, she quit her job. She was replaced by a man. A man who argues with customers, knows nothing about bulk mailings, and does not overly appreciate screaming children. As you can imagine, I was less than thrilled. And it seems like every time I have visited the post office since then, I have experienced a parenting fail of one kind or another.

#1 - Last winter, when I had to take Z to the post office with me, he always wanted to run around and get into everything - the trash, the plant, etc. So he had these mittens on strings that he wore under his winter coat. In a flash of 'brilliance', I thought I would stand on one of his mittens, and he would have a little radius to run around, but not enough to get into trouble. It worked really well for a few minutes. Then he tried to run away. And fell flat on his face. And screamed. And screamed. The new postmaster was NOT amused.

#2 - This one is not only a parenting fail, but also a BIG babywearing fail. The next time I took Z to the post office, I attempted to wear him in the ring sling, thinking he would love being held next to me and I would love having him contained. If we're not moving, though, while he's being worn, he tends to get bored. Which he did, within five minutes. And screamed until I took him out. It was a female post office employee helping us that day, and needless to say, she was not at all impressed by my sling!

#3 - This time I just gave in and let him run around. I figured maybe I'd get helped faster that way. :) I think he knocked every priority mail box in the store onto the ground, along with several flyers.

The last time we went, I buckled him in his little Pooh umbrella stroller while I took care of my business. It was not a fail at all, especially since I handed him a bright orange flyer to 'read'. I have since used this technique during two OB visits, and even while getting blood drawn. Although he did end up throwing his crackers on the floor and screaming bloody murder that time. But it isn't his fault that it takes Mommy's veins 15 minutes to make 9 vials of blood. Overall it is a good technique that works for me, especially if I let him stay hungry until we get to where we're going and then give him food while he sits in the stroller. that we've covered that...what parenting fails have you had lately? :)


anymommy said...

I've had plenty. But, I have to tell you that these cracked me up because last year, my two year old son mailed a padded envelope that I hadn't yet addressed or paid postage on. It contained a really expensive printed photo gift and I begged (begged) the post office worker to dig through their box and find it. Horrible!

Heather of the EO said...

Oh sheesh. I forget stuff all.the.time.

Stuff like diapers or wipes while we're out...sigh. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie, I noticed you over at One Thing and decided to come take a peak :) Seeing as we have the same name and all! Looks like we have a couple other common intrests (baby wearing, loving the Lord) Your blog is great! I'll be adding it to my favotites :)

Such The Spot said...

I've not had many lately. But that's only because my kids are at Dad camp for a few weeks. Try me again when they get home. ;)