Thursday, June 11, 2009

LONG week

This has been a long week for our family. Hubby has had lifeguarding classes every evening, leaving while Z & I are still working at camp, and coming back long after Z's bedtime. For some reason, this makes our evenings L-O-N-G! I look forward to Joel being here in the evenings more than I realized, I guess. :) So Z & I have been doing some fun activities to try to make up for the fact that Daddy's not here, and to help me keep my sanity.

Monday night was finger painting, which went rather well, other than the fact that Z thought he should EAT the finger paint...hope it's non-toxic, right?! :)

Tuesday night, we played outside, throwing rocks into the creek, and sliding on the little slide on our porch. Last night, we took a ride in Daddy's Cub Cadet around the camp property (Z loves sitting in his little seatbelt, the wind blowing in his hair as we drive, plus I let him play with Daddy's cool horn that sings songs and makes funny noises - I totally wish I could drive it & take a picture of him loving it at the same time!), and then we played at the playground and dug in the sand for a while. His newest word is 'happy', and pretty much he's just been imitating or repeating me when I say it, but as we were digging in the sand, he all of a sudden turned and looked at me, with a big smile on his face, and said, "Happy! Happy, Mama!" - just wanted to tell me he was happy, I guess!!! I love it! :) We ended our night perfectly, with a few minutes of dancing to the radio station on our TV. :)

Tonight should be the last night of class for Daddy, and it will probably be raining, so you will most likely find us playing Play-Doh on the kitchen floor.

This morning, I had some 'alone time', but it wasn't very fun. I had to go to the dentist. I have a tooth that has been hurting me pretty badly all week. Making me mumble things like, "my face hurts" over and over...which of course, prompts Hubby (or my MIL) to finish the joke: "oh, yeah, well, it's killing me....." hilarious. Anyway...I didn't have to have it pulled, THANKFULLY - the dentist was able to 'just' put on a silver filling & hopefully I won't need a root canal...but I might. Not going to think about that now, or the fact that I have to go back in 2 weeks to get another cavity filled. I don't have a phobia of dentists the way I do of having blood drawn, but it's not my favorite thing in the world either. I have a really low pain/pressure tolerance, so even with numbing, the drill still makes me cringe & sends icky chills up & down my spine! The 1/2 hour drive through the back woods of western NY state to get to the dentist & back was GORGEOUS, though, and Kutless helped it go even faster!!!

Speaking of good Christian music, have you heard of Jimmy Needham? A few days ago I heard his song 'Forgiven & Loved' on our Christian radio station for the 2nd time, and liked it so much I had to come home and Google the lyrics! Another song the radio plays some that I didn't realize was his is 'A Breath or Two'. If you go to his site, you can listen to excerpts from all the songs on his newest album, which is AMAZING...and you MUST read his Bio - I love when artists just want to give God ALL the glory and have such an obvious PASSION for Him!

Z's other newest word this week is 'honey'. And he wants me to call him honey. At lunch, he kept saying, "Hi, Mama" and I would respond, "Hi, sweetie...Hi, baby" and finally he said, "No, HONEY!" So I said, "Hi, honey" and he smiled. :) He also sang a song to his beloved cheese that went something like this:

duba duba duba duba CHEESE...
duba duba duba duba CHEESE!

He is just a hilarious little boy. And I love him. Things are starting to get busy around the office as we head into camping season, so it has been a little stressful with extra work, but before long,we'll be done with the summer, and wondering where the weeks went. :) And if you've survived this long in this rambling post (longer than my Novacaine, unfortunately) you deserve some extra cuteness, so here is Zachary enjoying his new pool in diaper & crocs, just for you, my loyal reader(s). :)


Amy W said...

Love that last picture! He reminds me of my twin nephews - about the same age and very blonde hair!!

I don't normally listen to Christian radio, but for some reason I was listening this week a couple of times and both times I heard the "Forgiven & Loved" song. It's so good!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Carrie, that little man is too cute!!! :) I love the happy story. That is just absolutely precious.

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Awww...that looks like a whole lot of fun was had by you both. My husband works really crazy hours so four days a week he doesn't see the kids unless I keep them up. It's hard to do it alone! I find what helps the best is if we break up the day by visiting some friends and my peanut can play for awhile with others.

Isn't it cute when they start saying new words? Fun!