Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Locker Boy

This morning, I was back in high school. I was in the middle of some kind of science class, and everyone was being handed these surveys/quizzes that had to be completed by the end of class. But the classroom was huge and weird-shaped, and I couldn't find the teacher to tell her that I hadn't been handed a paper. When I finally found her, she handed me my paper, and let me know that it would be a large part of my grade. But the bell had already rung. I thought it was a simple survey, and I could fill it out quickly, but when I started to look at the paper, I had NO CLUE how to answer ANY of the questions on the quiz. But it was too late...I had to hurry to my math class on the other side of the school, which I was already late for.

And, on the way to said math class, I had to check on my son, who was in my locker. Yes, I said he was shut In. My. Locker. He was being very good and quiet in there, so I handed him a sippy cup, some toys, and a snack cup of goldfish crackers, and went to find my math class. I went to several rooms, but I couldn't figure out which class I was supposed to go to. As I was heading to yet another class, passing near the lockers, I could hear Z babbling and playing from inside my locker. Some lady was all concerned about him (Um, really, why am I surprised by this?), and was banging on all the lockers, trying to figure out which one he was in. So I walked past her to my locker, opened it and removed him before she could take him away from me. By the time I got there, he was about to fall asleep. So I rocked him in the food court, all the while wondering how I was going to pass my classes if my son would not be quiet and happy in my locker and if I couldn't even find my math class.

And, you guys...I have never been MORE happy to wake up, let me tell you. What a great big sense of relief I felt! The first thing I thought upon waking up was, "Hey, great- I don't have to take that science test!" The next thought was, "And I didn't neglectfully leave my son in a locker!" I was hugely relieved about the locker situation, truly. :)

I think pregnancy does WEIRD things to your brain, including giving you really strange dreams. Anybody else have any weird or recurring dreams lately???? :)


Anonymous said...

Ugh not fun. I have read that during pregnancy dreams can become very vivid and alarming at times. I had a lot more in the beginning than I do now. Though one sticks out and the baby's arm somehow came out my belly button. It didn't hurt but I remember panicking thinking oh its too little yet, lets get it all back in :S lol

Such The Spot said...

Oh my. It *is* crazy what some added hormones do to our dreams.

I have a teeth dream. I lose them all. And I choke on them. And it hurts.

Apparently it has something to do with being a control freak. Who, me? Nah.

Amy W said...

Oh yeah, I had a horrible nightmare when I was pregnant with my first. I woke up and cried. Fortunately, it only happened the one time!