Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I received part of my Mother's Day present this morning- the opportunity to sleep in while my Hubby got up with Z & dressed him, fed him breakfast, and played with him until what time I chose to awake. :) I actually woke up around 8, and then just laid there & spent some quiet time with me, myself, and God until was so nice. :)

I'm extra-excited about this Mother's Day because we have a little extra reason to celebrate (and that little reason is 9 weeks along today - only 31 weeks to go)! I would love to write a beautiful post about Mother's Day...all poignant and pithy...but the truth is that, just like last year, someone has already written it better than I could. :)

So head on over and read this post by Melissa - absolutely beautiful. It reminded me of two beautiful truths that I should be keeping in mind this Mother's Day and every day -

1) Every moment is to be cherished. Even when I've just finished giving my son his nineteenth spanking of the morning, all while wondering what my nauseous stomach would possibly enjoy eating...every moment God gives is a blessing.

2) I've also been reminded to take some extra time today and tomorrow to pray for those who are NOT moms yet, but, to quote Melissa, 'their desire to be mothers supersedes almost every other thing in their lives'. Because I have been there. And I can tell you that for those moms who have to face yet another Mother's Day with empty wombs and empty arms, this is one of the worst days of their year. Please keep this in mind as you plan or participate in ceremonies to honor mothers at your churches...maybe a quiet recognition would be less painful for those struggling with infertility or miscarriage.

One of my most painful Mother's Day memories that comes to mind was in a small country church, where they had a beautiful ceremony honoring their mothers. Every child came to the front to get a flower for their mother, and brought it to her, as they read the mother's names aloud. It was a wonderful ceremony, but rather heart-wrenching for someone who desires nothing more than to receive a flower, and to be called a mom.

And God's ways are so far above ours...His timing is truly impeccable. Here I am just a few years down the road (four, if I remember correctly), giggling with my toddler while my hand rests on my belly, cherishing this moment with my two children.

Lord, please help me to keep in mind the fact that Your ways are perfect. Thank you so much for all of the blessings in my life, Lord. Let me cherish each moment that you give me with my husband and children, and praise you constantly through the ways I interact with my family and others. Lord, please give peace during this rough weekend to those who desire so strongly to be mothers, but haven't yet received this blessing from You. I'm thinking of a few friends in particular, who I know follow You and serve You each day...please, Lord, give them peace, and if it would be Your will, bless them with a child of their own to rejoice in.

**Edited to Add: Here is a link to another wonderful post that outlines the pain of those who are celebrating Mother's Day today without all of their children on Earth. Check it out & say a prayer for them, too!


Stephanie Precourt said...

Happy Mother's Day!! And many congrats!! : )


Shanilie said...

Sleeping in is a rarity, but when the opportunity arises it is wonderful! Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day!