Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Faves

1. Favorite Ice Cream: chocolate with the peanut butter swirls...mmm...
2. Favorite Vacation: my honeymoon at Disney World
3. How Many Siblings Do You Have? Just one 'real' sibling- my sister is 22. But I have 2 great Brother-in-laws who are like brothers & their wives are like sisters to me, too.
4. Type of Toothpaste You Use: Colgate Total
5. Favorite Cookie: Peanut butter cookies!
6. Favorite Candy Bar: Probably Butterfinger...I don't eat a lot of candy bars
7. Celebrity you met or came close to meeting? I met Kevin Sharp- he's a country singer- when I was working at Toys R Us in high school, he came through my line.
8. What Do You Like Most About Facebook? reconnecting with old friends & sending quick messages to people I wouldn't necessary call.
9. What Do You Like Least About Facebook? Hmmm...all the random notices that someone I don't know has commented on one of my friends pictures or notes, maybe?
10. Favorite Movie(s): This one is always hard for me to think of...maybe Ocean's 11? Or While You Were Sleeping?
11. Favorite Color: PINK!!!
12. If You Could Change One Thing in the World, What Would it Be? @bor+ion would not exist.
13. If You Could Select Your Hair, What Color Would It Be, Style, etc.?
14. Coffee, Tea or Milk? Coffee AND milk. Not together. But both separately.
15. Favorite Salad Dressing: ranch...or creamy Italian
16. Leno or Letterman? neither- they come on too late for me! :)
17. Do You Prefer the Weather Hot or Cold? HOT!!! Can't wait for summer!!!
18. Choose One: Horseback Riding, Surfing or Skiing? um...I'm probably only coordinated enough to do horseback riding.
19. Most Embarrassing Moment? Wow, yeah, right, like I'm going to share THAT on my blog. AN embarassing moment of mine was when I walked out of Perkins & almost got in the backseat of a car where 2 people were making out- and actually touched the door handle before I realized it was the wrong car- and my friends were 3 cars down laughing hysterically at me!
20. Favorite High School Moment: Oh, but it was so long ago...I loved Young Life, so those meetings were probably some of my favorite memories from high school...all the meetings & activities...
21. If You Had to Pick One Resource Book, Which Would it Be? Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Theasaurus? : Thesaurus for sure.
22. If You Could Have Lived in any time era, which would it be? Probably right now. Don't think I'd be super-happy without indoor plumbing. :)
23. Favorite Sport? not into sports...probably enjoy watching gymnastics or ice skating more than anything else. :)
24. Favorite Month of the Year: August...we finish camp & get time off to relax & it's still summer so it's nice out & we can take time to enjoy it.
25. Pick one: Rainy Day, Foggy Day, Snowy Day? Rainy days - I love that rain is relaxing

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