Monday, January 5, 2009


This post is sort of a compilation of what's been going on with me lately (& stuff):

Let's see...yesterday was Hubby's and my 6th anniversary!

We celebrated by not doing anything too extraordinary- church, quick trip to town, afternoon at home, evening church, KidZone practice, watching TV together... but it was nice. We discussed throughout the day what we were doing 6 years ago relative to the wedding & all...on our way home from town we celebrated 6 years of being married (our wedding was at 1, so we figured by 1:40 we were married. :) ) We also discussed whether our wedding day was truly 'the happiest day of our lives' or whether people just say that...there have been a lot of other happy, ordinary, less stressful days since then, you know. :)

I have some New Year's resolutions for 2009- just three of them:

  1. To speak kindly and patiently to my family and to others.
  2. To spend time consistently in prayer and in God's Word.
  3. To send birthday & anniversary cards to our families. (I used to do this quite regularly, but it fell by the wayside after little Z came along.)

And, finally, I found these pictures this morning on the little camera I keep my diaper bag. I guess I hadn't checked it for a while. :)

This one's from last September (28th) on our trip to visit family in IA- Z is playing peek a boo with the lid to his food container.

This one is from October (24th)- Z had a cold & fell asleep in his backpack as we were working in the camp kitchen one evening...poor sweet little guy!!!

Hope everyone's enjoying their New Year & getting back into the swing of things- we've got a busy week ahead of us with a work group at camp, several evening meetings for Hubby, KidZone tonight, MOPS tomorrow morning...I'll try to check in at some point! Oh, and my wonderful MIL is coming this weekend...and staying through next week so that Hubby & I can have a nice couple-day getaway to Niagara Falls- sans baby- for the first time since Z was born! I'm excited...but nervous to leave Z!!! I know it will be fun, though.

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