Thursday, January 22, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jog

We're home. Actually, we've been home for about, oh, a week now. And just today I feel like I'm getting caught up on life at home again! :) I guess this is the first 'normal' day we've had, though. :)

Hubby's mom was able to come out last Sunday, and we were all able to spend Monday with her- relaxing, trip to town, going over three pages of notes on how to take care of Z...

Then Tuesday morning, we got all packed up & all of us went to Bob Evans for breakfast. Z enjoyed his meal & coloring with the crayons. The rest of us enjoyed our BoBurritos, too- which, in retrospect, are probably pronounced Bob-burritos, and not BO-burritos...don't you think? ALSO. Bob Evans has this new caramel mocha...which is wonderfully delicious AND - there are free refills! I was rather excited, and drank either two or three of them, I can't remember right now.

When we left Bob's, Hubby & I got into our car....and Grandma and Z got into HER car...and headed in the opposite direction!!! Waaaaahhhh... I did cry a little bit, I'm not going to lie. Actually I was totally keyed up nervous about it, and between that & the excessive mochas, we ended up having to stop about 15 minutes down the road. :( I felt fine by the time we got to Buffalo, though, and we spent the afternoon shopping for couches at some fine furniture stores. We learned a lot about what we wanted, but we weren't sold on anything. So then we headed to Niagara Falls in Ontario, CA.

We spent the evening relaxing in our hotel, enjoying this view of the falls:

Isn't God's creation breathtaking???

Then we took a short (COLD) walk over to Zappi's pizza to get some dinner. We ate our delicious pizza while we watched American Idol.

The next morning, I SLEPT IN until about 8:30. Aaaahhhh. It was wonderful. That afternoon, we headed down to the 'tourist-y' Clifton Hill district of Niagara Falls and took in some sights, including Ripley's Believe it or Not (which we really enjoyed), a dorky wax museum (it was funny to try to figure out which celebrity they were supposed to be...), Galaxy Glow Golf (fun- we were the only ones there so we just acted stupid & goofed off & it was really fun), and the SkyWheel. Here's the best picture we managed to snap- sorry it's so dark!

We relaxed with American Idol again that evening, and slept in again the next morning...and then we got ready to come home. And, I'll tell you, it was wonderful. I loved just being with Hubby, and not having to warm up fish sticks for anyone or hunt for blocks under the couch or think about whether I had time to do something before it was anyone's snack time...but oh, I missed that boy!!! We used the rest of Thursday to finish our couch shopping in Buffalo on the way home, and we ended up finding some gorgeous chocolate brown couches on sale at La-Z-Boy...and...they'll be delivered in 5-7 weeks. So, anticlimactically, after all our shopping, we're still sitting on our decrepit old couches. After we finished our wheeling & dealing, we
C-R-A-W-L-E-D home to see our baby!!! Honestly, we could NOT drive fast enough!!! :) Here is a picture of me & baby being reunited!!!

And, finally, I leave you with a picture of our favorite souvenir from the trip. This also happens to be one of the most unique souvenirs I've seen...

This is a wax mold of Hubby's and my hands. Wish I could've gotten pictures of the proces...we held hands & dipped them first in COLD ice water- on a 0-degree day- fun! :) Then we put lotion on & dipped our hands in HOT paraffin wax. Then we dipped them in colored wax- we picked black- and then we had to remove our hands VERY carefully from the molded wax. And we had our names & the year painted on them & this is what we came home with:

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hvplace said...

I've never heard of that before but it's really cool. Are you guys going to have it out somewhere where people can see it?