Friday, January 4, 2008

Observations From a One-Month-Old's Mommy with a newborn is many things. Exhausting, fun, exhausting, confusing, and strange...but mostly exhausting!!! Now that we are starting to get some things figured out with little Z, it is getting a little easier, but still...sometimes we feel like we have NO CLUE what is going on! Last night was a good night, and we had a good dr.'s appointment this morning, so today is shaping up to be a good day!

The biggest shock to me so far...well, I have always heard SAHM's say that they got so lonely during the day at home with their babies, and just HAD to get out...and I honestly thought I would never feel that way...I am pretty much a homebody, and before I had Zachary I wanted to stay home all the time and work around the house. Well, now Zachary is one month old (today!) and I've been home with him for about 2 weeks, and Joel's been here a few of those days...with time off for the holidays, and already I completely understand what all those moms have been saying. I mean, I love my son, and I'm so glad I get to stay home with him, but honestly, sometimes I do feel like I just need to get out and do something! Or at least talk to someone who says anything other than "WAAAAA"! I turn on HGTV sometimes just to hear someone besides myself TALK. :)

The last few days, though, Zachary has started to smile at me sometimes...and that pretty much makes it all worth it. Yesterday he smiled at me about 3 times while I was reading him a book, and that was pretty special. He is such a cutie, and I really do enjoy my time with's just different than I imagined. This next week, we're taking a trip to Iowa to visit family, so we're looking forward to seeing how he reacts to the traveling & family & all. We can't wait to see our families either! :)

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