Sunday, January 6, 2008

I did it!

The nursery, it has been conquered.

Little Z went into the nursery this morning...for both Sunday school and church. Without incident. The workers said he was 'cute as a button' and 'didn't make a sound'. It was great to be able to enjoy my great ladies Bible study & of course the church service...interrupted only by my obsessive looking at my watch every 5 minutes to see if it was time to go pick up my baby yet! :) I only checked on him once, between Sunday school & church, which is to be expected. Then Joel came & hauled me to the church service, which was very helpful. :)

Tonight Daddy is at church & a KidZone practice, and I am enjoying wearing Zachary in the Snugli (best invention EVER, people--once I figured out I was wearing the straps all wrong, and now it works great!)- and listening to music & packing for vacation!!!


Rebecca said...

I just read all your posts - just so sweet to read all about how your hubby loves you! Congratulations, too and I totally know what you mean about wanting to talk to someone who's not saying "WAAA!" or at least I usually talk a million miles a minute when Lukas comes home then I laugh and say I just need to get in my 2,000 words today!

Milk Mama said...

How cute! I really didn't put Anna in the nursery until she was around eight months and wanted to wiggle and make noise. Now she's fifteen months old and half way through worship she wiggles off my lap and runs all the way from there into the nursery... she sure does know her way! She loves nursery!