Tuesday, July 19, 2011

No News...

Well, I don't have any baby news to share - had an ob appt. today where I learned that I have made basically no progress, but at least I'm not having contractions all the time! The dr. said that this baby will be born, one way or the other, by July 29th, so we have a date to count down to now, for sure. :) So, since I have nothing in the way of babies, I thought I'd tell some stories about what my older 2 have been up to. :)

Zachary came into the room with his tape measure draped around his neck, pretending it was a stethoscope. "Hi, I'm Dr. Seuss. Do you need anything, Mommy?" He proceeded to use the 'stethoscope' to check out baby brother. :)

As we were reading a book together, with Natalie sitting between Z & I, I had to ask Natalie not to pick her nose. The next time I looked over, the words out of my mouth were, "No! Don't pick your brother's nose!"

Zachary opened up his toy Barney laptop, saying, "I have to figure something out on the internet." Wonder where he gets that???

Zachary informed me that he was scared about a new staffer coming to watch him while I went to my doctor's appointment. "Oh, she's not scary. She's our friend", I told him. "Well," he replied, "she's a pretty scary friend." Lol. :) They ended up getting along fine. :)

Zachary and I were working on some notes to encourage our staff friends, when Daddy came home for a minute. Zachary grabbed a note, and brought it over to show him, exclaiming, "We're making these notes for our friends!" Natalie watched him, then grabbed a note, and ran over to Daddy, waving it at him and exclaiming in her baby voice, "Ohgobagabobovuapual!!!" or something along those lines. It was hilarious - she's such a little imitator. :)

Zachary prayed this morning, "Dear God, thank you for my tape measure and why does Natalie always say 'mine'? Amen." Oh, God must have loved that prayer. :)

Speaking of Natalie, yes, she is speaking! New words about every day now! Hubby took Zachary to Sam's Club one afternoon this week, and Natalie and I stayed home, napped, and played & read books together. She said, "Dachwy" for Zachary a couple of times and must have asked me where 'Bubba' was at least a hundred times! :) She very clearly said 'cookie' this weekend, and when Daddy came home today, she couldn't find him (he was coming up the stairs stealthily to surprise her) and she put her hands out & asked, "Where-ee-go?" :) She also babbles constantly which is so very adorable. :)

As I was sweeping the kitchen floor, Zachary came over and excitedly asked, "Wow, Mama, why are you sweeping? What friends are coming over today?" Maybe my housekeeping could use a little work... :)

When we walk to camp (we try to walk over and back once a day, which totals about 40 minutes of walking), I occasionally have Braxton-Hicks contractions & have to pause for a minute to breathe. Z always asks me what I'm doing. One day as we were playing at home, Zachary stopped, put his hand out towards me and said, "Stop. I have to breathe." and proceeded to take deep 'labor' breaths for a minute - it was so hilarious. :)

"Take your time, just take your time" has become one of Z's favorite phrases lately - he uses it when someone is lifting something heavy or doing something hard like when Natalie walks down the stairs holding my hand.

If you ask Zachary to do something & he doesn't want to right then, he might respond, "I don't have the right kind of energy for that right now."

So, just a smidgen of the hilarity that's been going on around here. :) We're looking forward to adding a third dose of laughter to our family - I don't foresee that happening until next week, but I would love to be pleasantly surprised!!! :)


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing, Carrie - you made me laugh! I'm so excited for you that your baby boy is almost here, and I was glad to read they gave you a date they won't let you go past. The end was the hardest for me, with both pregnancies. I'll keep praying for you guys. Can't wait to see the pics after he's born! :)

Julie said...

Haaahaaahaa! So silly! The "Stop I have to breathe" one made me laugh out loud :o)

Our Family for His Glory said...

Oh- this just made me smile! :) What cuties! I'm praying for you as you anxiously await the arrival of this new little blessing!

Liz said...

My Zachary tells me "I'm too widdle" if he doesn't want to do something like put his chair back at the table from whence he dragged it (without help!) to the pantry to get down his fruit roll ups. I remind him he put the chair there without help and if he doesn't move the chair back then I will have to put his fruit roll up back. I can get away with that now because he still needs help with the plastic on the snack ;)

Stop and breathe - that is hilarious!