Sunday, June 26, 2011

Just Talking

I mentioned to Zachary that when the baby comes out, that's the day that he's 'born' - his 'birthday'. Zachary said, "His birthday? We can have a cake!" When I explained that the baby won't be able to eat cake (only milk), Zachary said, "That's okay - I can eat the cake! And I will share the cake with all the other big people who can eat it!" :)

Whenever Z doesn't want to eat something I give him, he has started saying he's allergic to it. This week he's been 'allergic' to chicken, banana muffins, and vegetables. :)

Natalie & Zachary's favorite ways to play together lately involve spitting & screaming. They will sit in their car seats, and one will spit, then the other. We try to talk them out of this. So then they get to screaming - Zachary screams, then Natalie screams, and they just laugh hilariously. It is loud but very funny. :)

My friend's 3-year-old daughter loves to comment on my belly, usually with a comment like, "Ohh, your baby is growing!" Sunday morning was no exception - her statement this week was, "Wow, your baby's getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger!" :)

Zachary is always excited when he gets to sit in the grocery cart - he likes Sam's Club because their carts all have two seats. On the way to Sam's Club, he mentioned that all the carts have two seats, so two people can sit in them! "Yes!", I said, "and who do you think should sit in them? Should I sit in the cart?" He responded, "Oh, no, you should not sit in the cart. You might break it. Natalie and I will sit in the cart, and you will stand and push the cart. There is a handle for you to hold while you push the cart." :) A few seconds later he said...."Were you just kidding?" :)

Natalie isn't a big talker yet, but she is starting - her newest words are 'mine' (which she uses frequently and always in the correct context) and 'dir-ty' (when she is about to eat something off of the floor...or just ate something off the floor...) She also makes several animal noises "ah-ah" for a monkey noise, "oof-oof" for a dog, a squealing "oowwwww" sound for a cat, a growl for a monster or Cookie Monster, and today Zachary taught her "neigh" for a horse, which she imitated several times & was encouraged by Zachary's & my giggling at her while she practiced. :) She is very good at following directions - you can give her a toy or pair of shoes & tell her to go put them in her room or Zachary's room, and she usually will, or she will throw her diapers in the garbage for you. She also will go find her Crocs & put them on herself (not always on the right feet) if you tell her to. :)

Zachary can pretty much dress & undress himself, though he is convinced that he can't take off his own shirt, and sometimes has trouble putting his arms into his shirt. But he can even put on his own socks! And he always asks "Do socks matter?" meaning, 'does it matter which sock goes on which foot?' :) This week we worked on the concept of 'tag goes in the back', so that has been helping him to get his clothes on more independently, too. :)

And he is doing really great with potty training (well, still no progress at all on #2, but doing great with #1). He wore undies to church all day Sunday & to town this morning with NO accidents! After I typed this, I took him to camp in undies & took him to go potty, while in the bathroom he pinched his finger in the stall door & by the time I kissed his owie, it was too late & he had an accident on the bathroom floor - sadness! :( But, really, he's doing pretty well overall, I think. :) Any tips on how to motivate him to go #2 in the potty are STILL appreciated. :)

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