Thursday, June 2, 2011

How It's Going

It's going well! I'm so happy! :) We have tried several times to potty train, unsuccessfully, but this time, I think Z is finally ready! Today is Day #8 of training, and we have not had any accidents for several days - I am so thankful!

I was dreading potty training, picturing myself following Z around with the mop all day long, cleaning up accident after accident, for weeks on end. But thankfully it has gone so much better than that! So I'll share (so far) what's worked for us, and then we'll talk about the struggles we're still having...because we're not anywhere near 'there' yet.

We started last Wednesday, putting Zachary in big-boy underwear when he got up, setting a timer for every 10 minutes, and checking at each 10 minutes to see if he was clean and dry. If he was, he would get an m&m. Every other time I checked (so, every 20 minutes), we did the m&m thing, then I set the timer for 2 or 3 minutes, and had him sit on the potty. If he went #1, he got a Teddy Graham, and if he went #2, he got a Golden Oreo. (We had gone to the store together the day before to pick out his special treats together, so they were his choice.) The first couple of days were completely exhausting, checking the timer & resetting it, and going into the bathroom every 20 minutes, just a constant interruption to our schedule...but it was worth it. We had about 3 accidents in the first two days, but he really did very well! By the end of the 2nd day, he was saying without my asking, "I have to go potty!", running in the bathroom by himself, and going #1. I was so pleased!

Since then, we have not had any accidents at home when he's been in his underwear, except for one time. We aren't using the timer anymore, but I try to keep my eye on him & if it's been about 30-40 minutes, I have him go 'try' and that usually works. Lots of times he'll say he has to go & then go on his own. So I am very proud & pleased with how it's going! We use a pull-up at naptime, and a diaper at bedtime, just so he doesn't have to worry about it at sleeping times (and so I don't have to worry about changing sheets either).

So, here are the next steps we need to take: we need to conquer the big #2. We have only had one half-success with this so far, on the first day, I think. Since then, he has only gone #2 at nap or bedtime or when we were out & had a pull-up on him. I have tried making him sit for a long time when I knew he was getting close to ready, but it just hasn't worked. He is scared to go #2 in the potty, i think. So I guess we'll just keep trying & wait till he's ready for that.

We also need to conquer a nervousness about public potties. He has not used a public potty yet. So far, I've let him wear a pull-up everywhere we've gone in public, but I think he would do better with underwear instead, since being wet in undies is more bothersome than a wet pull-up, so we may try that on our library trip tomorrow. And I may have a story about shampooing the library's children's room carpet. But maybe I wont. :) I guess we'll see! :) Overall, I am very thankful for how we're coming, considering our previous attempts were measured in hours and accidents (and those numbers were always about the same...) :) Thanks to all who have given advice & encouragement as we have started this process! Any more advice is always appreciated! :)

As far as everything else in life is going...well, Natalie is 17 months old now, and Zachary will be 3 1/2 on Sunday. So time is flying by! We are enjoying the nice weather, and getting outside as much as we can. Natalie is definitely starting to enter the stage of toddlerhood that requires some discipline & she is starting to willfully disobey lately, and throwing a few more tantrums than she was previously, so that is becoming interesting - balancing discipline between 2 kids! But this stage is so much fun, and although Natalie still isn't talking much (at what point should I be concerned? is 5-8 words at 17 months normal?) she understands a LOT of things that surprise me sometimes. :) The other day I was trying to get her to SAY "All done" with her words, and she kept signing it instead (she throws her arms out wide to the sides to sign all done). I said, "Natalie, say 'all done' with your mouth." Frustrated, she stuck her hand in her mouth for a second, pulled it out, and threw her arms out to the sides, signing all done! I had to laugh! :) And of course the speech lesson was over. :)

Staff training (which begins our busy summer camp season) starts in less than three weeks, so Hubby is busy trying to prepare for that! And our littlest guy is due in less than 8 weeks (though who knows when he'll actually make his appearance)! It is getting SO close!!! I feel like I should have his room a little closer to ready, but that means moving Natalie into the room she'll share with Z...and I'm not nearly ready for that transition yet - let's get potty training & the transition to the summer camp season under our belts first!! :) Little Guy is healthy, always with a high heartbeat at my appointments, and more active in the womb than either of my other two were - body parts always sticking out all over & my belly bouncing like you wouldn't believe (I love it!). :) My hips are a little sore but I'm not too overly uncomfortable yet, so I'm thankful for that. :)

Well, just a quick update to let you know how we're doing! Hope everyone is doing great & enjoying nicer weather as the summer is here (or at least close!). :)


Our Family for His Glory said...

It's good to hear how you are doing! It sounds like you are off to a great start with potty-training (I know Isaiah had a hard time with #2 also).
How sweet to hear of how your children are & how your belly is bouncing! :) I think Natalie seems right on track!!
I hope you have a wonderful night!

Unknown said...

Glad to read that potty training is coming along! I was praying about this for you. Praise the Lord! It's definitely a process. And way to go at potty training while preggo - I was too scared to try that. :) So excited for your next little boy to arrive. Won't be long now!!