Monday, May 3, 2010

Tot School - Sort Of :)

Well, we've been on vacation from Tot School for a couple weeks, because we were gone visiting family in Iowa! Not on a vacation from learning, though - Z was introduced to many family members and friends in Iowa, and remembers and still talks about them now! It seems like kids pick up and learn so much when you travel with them!

Anyway, on Monday, we traveled back from Iowa with Hubby's parents, and Z & I read books together, played with some of our great garage sale finds, and then amused ourselves by taking pictures of silly faces and looking at them in the camera. Here was Zachary's favorite: (his fish face)

He laughed in hilarity at that picture every time. :) Here was the view from my seat next to Z in the backseat:

Z helped Grandma sort some colored candy melts this week to make some molded chocolates for his Aunt Emily, who graduated from college today!

At one point this week, he was quiet while I was working, and I found him sweetly playing with his Potato Heads.

We planted some strawberries in a little pot. First we had to mix up the soil (it came all in a little soil pellet that you mixed with water). This little kit was from the Dollar Spot at Target.

Here are our planted strawberries: (Z got into them this morning, and spilled some of the soil, on the top, where the seeds were, so who knows if they'll grow or not, but I hope so!)

Here's a cute picture of Natalie smiling her sweetest smile at Z:

And here he is trying to teach her how to use her new toy ("hit it like dis, Nallie!"):

And look, here's Natalie rolling over!!! So close! :)

And here she is chewing on a doll!

And for her final trick, she will wear shoes and smile adorably!

Was anyone distracted enough by these pictures to notice that I did nothing planned for Tot School this week? No? Well, I sat down and did some planning for next week, so there's that. :)
To see what everyone else is doing for Tot School, head over to 1+1+1=1!


sbswtp said...

I was totally distracted by the adorable pictures!!!! So cute!!! :)

MamaDuck76 said...

Welcome home! Everyone needs a vacation from Tot School (and from daily life...) from time to time :)

I thought about buying one of those plants at Target. I hope you'll update us on how it works out so that we know if its worth it for next year! Good luck!