Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You Found Me (somehow)

Recently, my blog has been found when people googled many different phrases. Including, but not limited to:

"pregnant fear of needles pass out" - well, yes. I was pregnant. And I did pass out. When having blood drawn. I suppose I do have a fear of needles.

"scrapers to clean countertops" - Oh, yes, I know about scrapers. Quite useful.

"chipmunk day" - not sure if this is a national holiday somewhere...?

"dead chipmunk on porch" - oh, dead chipmunks, you say? Well, I do know a little something about that, I guess.

"elizabeth prentiss quotation" - Here is my favorite- and what a sweet, sweet quote it is! I hope to read the book soon!!!

"carrie and paul finally had their baby" - oh, well, thank you for letting me know. I guess I should have sent a card.

"praise for Mom on Mother's Day" - Yes, yes, I'm sure any mom would appreciate praise on Mother's Day. Or any day really. Especially when her baby's been screaming for half an hour just because he wants to...two evenings in a row...not that that's happened recently to anyone I know...but if it does, I'll be sure to let you know. I'm just saying. Praise is always appreciated.

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