Sunday, March 16, 2008

We'll Be Here

Seems like I've said that a lot this week. "Bye, See You Later. We'll Be Here." We all have colds this week/weekend. Joel has been playing in a tennis tournament at the Y this weekend, which he enjoys, and Zachary and I have been staying home. All week, pretty much, it feels like. It hasn't been bad, though, it's been kind of nice to relax. Yesterday, though, Joel was at the Y, and I was home with Zachary, and I was sitting on the couch, and all of a sudden, I started shivering & shaking uncontrollably...I was like, What in the world is going on??? I couldn't find our regular thermometer, so I found Zachary's baby thermometer & stuck it in my ear and it said 102.8!!! Now, if you know me, you know that I NEVER overreact or panic in any situation at all, so it was very unusual for me to RUN to my son, take his temperature with my shaking hands(normal), then call Joel & leave a panicked message, then jump into a cold bath to get my temperature down, all the while frantically begging God to bring my fever down so I could "take care of my SON!". Which He did, thankfully, and quickly, too. I felt kind of weak & jittery for the rest of the day, but we had a GREAT night last night- Zachary only woke up once to eat and NO GAS AT ALL, so it was the best night in a LONG time! And I feel fine this morning, but the baby thermometer still says my temp is 100.8- not sure it's working right. So I may have stuffed it too far into my ear yesterday and my temp probably wasn't really that high after all. Overreaction, anyone???

Anyway, we're home from church today just in case something's going on with me or Zachary- he still has a cold & cough- he's had it for over a week now! We will have to call the dr. tomorrow if it's not gone by then. Oh, and we went to the dr. again on Tuesday (see how regular of an occurence this is??? I promise they know me by my first name. When I came in last time, I told the receptionist, "I have Zachary" and she just said, "I know." ) Anyway...we saw Dr. Khan this time- we LOVE him- and he said that Zachary's reflux meds weren't working very well, or lasting long enough, so that's why his nights have been so bad. So he switched him to Axid, which he can take twice a day, and he's now had two GREAT nights in a row, and two okay nights before that. Plus this new medicine is sweet & bubble-gum flavored, so Zachary doesn't hate it as much as he hated the Prevacid. So hopefully this new med will be our answer, and we won't have to go see a GI specialist & stick all kinds of tubes down my little man's throat- not sure I would survive that. :( :( :(

But I'm sure that's not an overreaction either. :)


Erin said...

Glad he got new meds. Hope you get better and stay healthy. We've had a lot of sickness around here too!

Anonymous said...

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life with the wisners said...

great to hear about the different meds and that you're feeling better. hey, send me an email at janetwisner at verizon dot com.