Saturday, March 8, 2008


These last few weeks have been so much fun, because Zachary has discovered that he has these useful & fun appendages called hands!

First he discovered he could stick them in his mouth instead of his binky. That was a great use for them. Then he discovered each individual finger would wiggle on its own. Then he decided he neede to learn more about them, so he stared at them for hours on end. Then he started clasping them together, and feeling things with them- like Mom's shirt, his burp rag, a stuffed animal... Next he figured out he could grab things with them- he loves to grab his burp rag and lift it up to his face. Now he can grab his binky, too, and take it out of his mouth...not such a useful would be much nicer if he had the hang of putting it IN his own mouth in the middle of the night! :) Yesterday he discovered his hair...I looked over at him sitting in his car seat next to my desk at work, and he was feeling his hair (and coordinating bald spot- more like a bald band- that goes all the way around his head now) with his little fingers- SO adorable!

Sometimes his hands are just downright ornery. When he's drinking a bottle, he wants to help 'hold' the bottle, but he ends up pushing the bottle away from his mouth. As I already mentioned, he also takes his pacifier out. And getting him dressed used to be after I dress him, I feel like I just wrestled a cat! Oh, but it's so fun to watch him LEARN! I can't wait to be with him as he experiences so much more in life! :)


Erin said...

It must be so amazing to see him grow and change. I want to see a recent picture!

Milk Mama said...
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