Friday, May 11, 2007

Nothing's Coming To Me...

Well, I've been waiting a few days for something witty or clever to come to me for my first post on this blog. Or else at least for something hilarious to happen to me so I can write about it. Obviously, neither has happened. So I'll just share something mildly funny and the pressure of the first post will be over and we'll just get on with the blogging.

I am ten weeks pregnant this week! My baby is no longer considered an 'embryo', but actually a 'fetus' now! I feel like I should hold an embryo graduation with a tiny grape-sized cap and gown.... but really, I'm actually feeling much less sick since my hero, the Placenta, has taken over feeding Junior. I told Joel on Tuesday that I should be feeling less sick, and also less hormonal (!) this week since the placenta was taking over some things, and he was pretty excited. He led us in three cheers for the placenta- hip hip hooray! :)

Also, my Grandma called the other day, to ask me what my size was so she could buy me some maternity clothes. Being that this is my first pregnancy, I need all the maternity clothes I can get, so I'm thankful for the thought...but it's not very comforting to know that the last thing that this Grandma sent me, knowing I would Just Love It, was a huge umbrella with these life-size photos of cats on it. Kind of frightening, actually. So I'm sure when those clothes come in the mail, they will be a post of their own. :)

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