Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day To Me!

On Saturday morning, as I was dragging my weary self out of bed to get ready for a day of work at the nursing home (only another month to go!!), I found this cutest note (or series of notes) stuck on my bathroom mirror! :) It was such a nice surprise, and actually a great start to my day. Thanks, Joel! :)

I had some kind of virus all weekend....started really feeling better yesterday, and I'm fine today, but it was yucky. Even yuckier than morning sickness. :(

Mother's Day was great. It was my first mother's day as an actual mother, and the last couple years, when we've been trying to have a baby, Mother's Day has been the most difficult day of the year. Joel was very relieved that I was not going to have my annual Mother's Day emotional breakdown this year. He gave me two cards, one was funny, and one was so adorable that it made me cry...what a great guy! :) Tonight we are going shopping for my Mother's Day present- a Snackster! Because, really, what else celebrates motherhood like a grilled cheese sandwich maker? ;)

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