Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kidlet Hilarity #17

Lots of hilarity this summer, but no time to write them out - I've been keeping track of them on my 'sticky note' app on my phone, though, and I have a few minutes to share them now! :)

While a friend was visiting us at camp, she saw one of the camp dogs getting into something he shouldn't, and said, "No, ishy."  Natalie turned to the dog a minute later, and said, "No, fishy."  :)

One night Zachary was still finishing his dessert (cherry crisp with ice cream) when his friends ran out to play on the playground.  He asked me what he should do, and I told him he could choose to either finish his dessert or go play outside.  He kept looking at them, darting towards them, looking back at his dessert, and starting back to the table, and he was so conflicted with this choice that he was starting to cry!!  He kept saying things like, "I can play with my friends lots of other times, so maybe I should finish my dessert", or, "They will probably make this dessert again, but my friends aren't always here, so maybe I should go play" ...  He finally decided to go outside and play, and then I thought the whole thing was just so sweet that I brought his dessert out to him at the picnic table. :)

One day, Natalie was talking about the hiccups and announced that "Tomorrow, I'm going to be hicking up."

I asked Z if he was ready to go down for quiet time.  His response: "Ready as I'll ever be!" :)

Davey has lots of new words including bump, maybe, Blob, rock, walk, bib, bug, bike, tree, and juice.

When I put the milk in the cart at the store, Davey started singing a song about milk (mim-mim) and juice (joo).  It went "Mim-mim, joo, mim-mim, joo" etc. :)

Natalie pronounces harmonica "America".  As an example, she said, "Davey brought his 'merica in the car today."

While they were playing, Z said to Natalie when she was about to take something from him or hit him or something, "Don't even think about doing that to me.  It is inappropriate."

During a picnic meal, Z hurried to finish chewing his food just so he could yell at Natalie, "Don't talk with your mouth full of food!"

One of the words I don't prefer for the kids to say is stupid.  One day, Natalie kept tripping over her Crocs somehow, and she was getting so frustrated with them.  She started to say, "My stuuuuu ..."  and instead ended it "My stuuuuk."  Which doesn't mean anything, I guess, but I was proud of her self-control. :)

Natalie painted her own nails one morning (my first questions were "Where" and "With what" - thankfully in the bathroom with her little nail polish).  When Z saw them, he asked her, "Natalie, did you paint your own nails?"  She responded, "Yes, Zach, I didn't even spill!" very excitedly. :)

I was cracking up listening to Zachary very seriously tell me about his Sunday school lesson one week - in which he learned about King Joseph-phat. Say it out loud, it's funny. :)

My friend Steph is married to our camp director, and his mother volunteers in the office at camp.  One afternoon, Steph told Zachary she was going into the office to see her 'mom'.  Zachary said, very seriously, "She's not your mom! She's your mother-in-law!"  He doesn't miss a beat, that's for sure.

Natalie was talking about being excited to go to breakfast one day, and I said that Daddy was excited to go to breakfast with us, too.  She said, "Daddy was excited to go to breakfast?  Did he bump his head?  From jumping on the bed when he was excited?"  :)

Davey was looking at one of the kids placemats one day, and he pointed to the purple bird and said, "Ee-ee", which means Natalie, and purple & pink are Natalie's favorite colors.  Then he said the orange bird was his favorite color. :)

One of my favorite things about youth camp this year was taking the kids to chapel, and watching them sing and dance to the chapel songs!  Zachary learned all the motions, and was very good at all of the songs. :)  He wants to be on chapel team as soon as he's old enough!! :)

One night I said, "Ooh, that's a good idea.  I'll put a bug in my friend's ear about that."  David was listening, I guess, and gave me a confused look.  Then he pointed to my ear, and said, "Bug?"

Natalie burped one day, and then said "Excuse me" right away.  Then she followed it with this gem: "I said excuse me right away, because I'm a girl.  Boys don't say excuse me right away."

Zachary has been praying such funny things lately.  One night he prayed, "Dear God, please take me to the Octa-ball court in one minute."  I said, "Um, do you think God is going to do that?"  His reply: "Well, if God can do anything...." :)  He also prayed one night that I would forget to give him a haircut for three years! :)

Zachary: "People get cracky when they get old."  Me: "Those are called wrinkles."  Z: "I know."

Zachary: "Great-Grandma said that she and Great-Grandpa go to bed at 10:00.  When she told me that, I said, 'That's only two hours before midnight!' but she told me she's old enough to stay up that late."

Natalie saw a bug on the bedroom floor that she didn't like the looks of, so she beat it to death with her princess toy, and announced, "I bammed him to death, and now he's all squished."  She is such a delicate flower.

Zachary loves camp food (as do I!).  One day after a failed attempt at baking, to which Zachary had entered the kitchen, and surveyed the cookie sheet with the finished product on it, and proclaimed, "They are flat and square" (true), Zachary said that Kristi (who baked at camp this summer) makes the best cookies in the world.  I said, "Yeah, way better than mine."  His wise response: "Yeah ... But yours are good, too."

Zachary's joke: What do bulls eat for breakfast?  A bowl of cereal!

Natalie was getting dressed up in her new princess dress and shoes, and announced that she was going on a date!  I was rather taken aback by this coming out of my three-year-old's mouth, so I asked, "With who??"  She replied, "Daddy." :) :)

Later that day, Natalie was getting dressed up again, this time she said, "I"m getting dressed up for my wedding.  I don't want to be late."

One Tuesday evening, we were eating ice cream sundaes, and I said, "Mmmm, these are good sundaes."  Natalie said, "Mommy, what day is it?"  "Tuesday", I said.  "Why do you keep saying Sunday then?" she had to know. :)

I will keep track of more hilarity and update you throughout the rest of the summer! :)

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