Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kidlet Hilarity #15

I have really gotten behind on keeping track of the hilarious things the kids say on a daily basis - I hope I can remember some of them from the last month!!

Natalie says 'plastic' all the time instead of pretend - like, "I'm not really sleeping.  I'm sleeping plastic."  and  "A plastic robber came to our house."  I think she got the idea from me always telling her it was silly to eat the plastic food?

Natalie: "I want to go to God's house, and see if he has any toys."

During our first round of the stomach flu, Zachary threw up on his bed.  He was so upset by it, and the first thing he said to me was, in a pleading voice, "Can I pleeeeeease have a new sheet?"  Then he had to wait in the bathroom while I changed the sheets on the top bunk (which is NOT quick process), and as I was explaining the importance of the 'bowl' to him afterwards, he said, "Oh. I will use the bowl next time.  That way I don't have to wait so long in the bathroom."

Zachary: This book's copyright is 1988.
Me: Oh, that's not too long ago.  I was a little girl then.
Zachary: Whoa, this book is Really Old!!!

During a snowball fight one day, Daddy threw some snow at Zachary.  When Zachary asked why, Daddy said, "Because you threw snow at me first."  Zachary's response: "Daddy, we don't do revenge."  :)

Natalie was having problems putting on her jammies one day, and she started to talk to them: "I need my jammies to understand! Jammies, you just need to obey!!"

Zachary came up with a new business that he is going to start someday, called Edible Crafto.  They will carry all kinds of supplies for, you guessed it, edible crafts! :)  And the best part is the company slogan - Eat Fun! :)

As Zachary was trying to come up with the word for slogan, he said, "What's the name of that, like, 'Don't get mad, get Glad'"?

The kids were playing a rhyming game in the car.  Zachary said, "I love you because you're so tiny."  Natalie responded, "I love you because you're so porcupiney!!" :)

The kids have a rude thing that they do to each other, where they make mad faces at each other when they're angry, and they put their mad face really close to the other person.  I don't even know what to call it, maybe grimacing?  Anyhow, Natalie came up with a word for it - 'neek'.  "Don't neek at me! Mommy, Zachary's neeking at me!"  Look for that one in a dictionary near you! :)

David has been so funny lately - he has started saying NO!, and making this little mad face, sometimes just whenever, and sometimes when he's actually mad.  It is hilarious.  When Z was this age, and he did that, we were convinced he was going to be a juvenile delinquent.  We just laugh at Davey's little attitude. :)

Davey has started saying lots of new words!  He has a word for Natalie now (NatNat), and he says Mo for Elmo! :)  He also said 'bapple' for apple once, and milk is mim-mim.  He often comes and tattles on his Bubba or Sissy - if they do something that bothers or upsets him, he runs to me, crying, "Bubba! Bubba!" and pointing at the offender. :)

We were playing I Spy at dinner, and Z said we could have teams.  "My team is Mommy, me, and Davey.  Nat's team is Daddy, Nat, and a pretend person." :)  It's a close call between Davey and a pretend person on your team... :)

One day after Natalie had been reprimanded for something, she stood in her room, head hung down, and said sadly, "It's hard to obey." So true!

I told Natalie to wash her hands.  She said, "I'm going to stay in the bathroom forever.  And you will call me at bedtime."  :)

My favorite thing that Davey does is he gives me hugs with his arms around my neck, and then he kisses me on the cheek - it is just so sweet!! :)

Today Z talked Natalie into wearing one of his shirts "so they could match".  She was running around in her brother's 5T shirt, with a dirty face, and messy hair when it was time to go to church for small groups.  I said, "Can I put a pretty bow in your hair?"  She responded, "NO. I don't want Anything Pretty."  Apparently I have two boys and a tomboy now...

Natalie told me a 'silly story' in the car tonight - "I had a little teeny dragon in my house.  I swat him with my ladybug swatter, and he went away."  Natalie has definitely become quite the talkative little thing lately!! She is always telling me some kind of story, I just love it. :)

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