Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kidlet Hilarity #13

The kids have been hilarious lately!! And I've been so busy, I haven't even had a chance to write them down! So buckle up, here we go! :)

One day as I was feeling a little discouraged about how few 'fun' things I'd been doing with the kids in school lately, we were getting ready to start a project, and Z piped up happily, "We have a lot of activities here at the Hart's house!". That was a great encouragement to me - we're making memories at least!! :)

Davey says a few new words now - haaaaa for hot, boooo for book, MINE is a favorite, he still says UT for up, usually in the context of  "Ut. Ut. UT. UUUUUUUUT!!!", and Da-do for doggy, and I think a few others. :)  It's so cute!!  He also loves to climb up on EVERYTHING, and he is for sure my 'class clown' - he's always walking around with something on his head trying to make everyone laugh. :)

Davey and Natalie are great friends, it is so fun to watch them play together. :)  He growls at her, and then she calls him "scary baby" and they giggle. :)

One day, as we were driving somewhere, Z asked Joel a question.  After he heard the answer he asked, "Is there a specific reason why?"  The next day, walking up the driveway, James had dug a trench to keep our driveway intact over the winter.  Z got to looking at it and saw that it stopped about halfway up the driveway.  He said, "Look, the trench stops in a specific place. Why?" Love those big words!

Zachary saw a poster at the library about a parade.  "OH!", he said, "We have a parade on Mememoral Day!" Everyone in the library was cracking up. :)

Speaking of cracking up, we were chatting at McDonald's over ice cream yesterday, and I told him what I had overheard from his bedroom before he and Natalie got up (they're not allowed to leave their room till 7 am).  I had heard Natalie sneeze and then Zachary responded, "Ex-sneeze you!" I thought this was hilarious, and told him so, then every few minutes one of us would say, "Ex-sneeze you!" and he was laughing so hard at one point, he almost dropped his ice cream cone.  "You're cracking me UP!", he giggled. :)

Davey likes to climb, as I mentioned.  So when we go to the park with the BIG metal slide, this can get interesting - while I push the other two on the swings (they don't have any baby swings at this park), I have to periodically run to grab him off the 4th or 5th step.  One day during this production, Natalie yelled at David, "Davey! Get down off the labber!!"

One morning Zachary was pretending to be Daddy.  I was wondering what he would say, as he was talking to Natalie.  He said, "I'm Daddy, and I'm home! Natalie, I'm so excited to see you!!"  :)  I'm thankful that's what they hear from their Daddy. :)

Natalie loves to call her brothers her friends!! One day she came up and said, "My friend wants to go outside."  I said, "Oh, who's your friend?"  She responded, "David." :)  I hope they'll be friends for life!!  Another day she was talking about her MOPS class - she and Z are in the same class this year, which has been really fun for them.  She said, "My brother is my friend at MOPS." :)

Z made up this song about Davey:  "David is so cute, as cute as can be. David is so cute, as you can see. (and repeat)"

Z has been talking about dying a few times lately, too.  One day as we were sitting on the couch, he randomly said, "I'm afraid to die because it will be so surprising.  Like maybe I will be playing on the floor or working in the garden.  It will be very surprising."  Another day he came out with, "I hope I die before I turn eleven."  I said, "What? Why?"  His response: "Because then I won't have to get my shots."  (He is very excited that he doesn't have to have any more immunizations until he turns 11. Apparently he is already dreading them, though.)

While playing Mario Kart, Z came up with this gem of wisdom: "Diddy King is Donkey Kong's son or nephew or something." :)

Nat was singing loudly in her bed one morning (before 7:00).  When she came out, I asked her to sing more quietly next time, and she responded, "I was worshipping!!"  I couldn't think of what to say to that!! :)

As Joel was teasing Zachary one day, he responded with, (totally joking, not disrespectfully) "Stop this nonsense!"

Natalie sat down at the piano, grabbed If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, put it where the music goes, and began to sing, "A mouse gets a cookie, he wants some milk milk, and two plus two, two plus two."

One day Joel and I were talking in another room and Natalie needed help with something.  She started to call, "Help! Anybody? I need some help! Anybody?" :)

Natalie says 'choke' for joke - she loves to tell 'chokes'. :)  She said, "Dis was my choke - I said, "Put my clothes in the diaper pail, and my diaper down the laundry chute."  Dat was just a choke."  :)

Natalie and Z were racing in the hall one day, and apparently Natalie won one of the races, because I heard Zachary telling her, "Well, Natalie, the first shall be last." :)

Natalie asked to sit on my lap one day, but then got down, grabbed a purse and came to sit next to me on the couch.  "Don't you want to sit on my lap?", I asked.  "No, I'm a mommy. I'm a different mommy. Mommies don't sit on laps.", she said.  She loves to pretend she's a mommy - one of my friends - she always says she's not me, she's a 'different mommy'. :)  She is such a sweet little mama to her dolls & bears and Davey and any other baby-like thing or person she can possibly mother. :)  I can't believe she will be THREE on Saturday!! Three always seems like such a big number! :) But she is definitely allowing her personality to emerge lately - OH, the personality. :)  She loves to be silly and funny and make everyone laugh, too. :)

Zachary is just such a big boy.  He is finally in a very independent (in a GOOD way) stage, and wanting to do a lot for himself!  This week at MOPS, I made up name tags and labeled bags and sippy cups and dropped David off, and got Natalie's name tag on and sent her to her class.  I made up a name tag for Z, went down to his classroom, and found him there, coat and umbrella hung up on hooks, with a name tag already on his shirt - he had even written his own name!! Color me impressed! :)  So nice to have such a BIG boy to help me out! :)  He loved sharing his new umbrella with Natalie, too, and he has been so excited to have rain the last couple of days so he could use it outside. :)

Also - Zachary's newest development - at only five years and two weeks old, he lost his first tooth!! Now, Zachary is the kind of person for which anything medical is a BIG DEAL - remember, he wants to die before he has to get shots??  And he had not mentioned a tooth wiggling or anything, and when it came out, he didn't even cry! He just calmly said to Daddy (I was downstairs), "I think I'm missing a tooth", and then they found it on the rug.  They were in the midst of playing football/wrestling, which prompted me to ask, "What happened??" but Joel said he wasn't near him when it happened, and Z didn't cry at all, so I can't imagine that it got knocked out, I think it just fell out!!  I really wanted to cry when I found out because it seems like OLD kids lose teeth - not my BABY ZACHARY!!!!

We're doing some fun stuff for school this month - a relaxed Christmas unit - by relaxed I mean, we've had SO MUCH else going on that I think we've had school three days (and not even full days) in the last two weeks??  But we have been learning together and our activities have been fun. :)  Natalie is through the letter L in her letter of the week preschool curriculum, and Zachary has finished seven two-week units of Five In A Row, which we are still loving!! I'm learning how to plan better, and what kinds of activities we enjoy and learn from the most.  The one adjustment I'm in the middle of making right now is that Davey (who will be 17 months next week!) has transitioned to only taking one nap a day - it's in the afternoon, at the same time as Nat's nap and Z's quiet time.  Which is great - I get about an hour to work around the house, relax, or prepare dinner!  But it also means that Davey joins us for school now in the mornings (insert scream of terror here).  He is into everrrrything, coloring on the table, climbing on things, screaming "Ut UUUUUUT!" at me while I'm trying to work through math problems with we can't do activities like marbles and certain other small motor things any more (which Nat enjoys, and she naps longer than he does, at the same time) since Davey puts everything in his mouth.  If anyone has any tips on keeping one-year-olds busy during homeschool times, I would reeeeally appreciate it!! :)

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!! I can't wait to relax at home with our family all day Monday & Tuesday!!! :)

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