Monday, September 17, 2012

Kidlet Hilarity #10

Zachary was looking in the mirror one night, as he was brushing his teeth, with no shirt on, and he commented, "My belly looks like a face, and my belly button is sticking its tongue out!" :)

Davey loves to point at everything, it is so funny.  He will point at something and say, "Dat. Dat." or "Nut-nut" if he wants something.  Sometimes we call him Nut-nut since he says that so much. :)  One day he came and found me, led me all the way over to the sliding door, and pointed to it, because he wanted to go outside. :)  So cute!!  I love that he can communicate now! :)

David sings the Jesus is My Superhero chapel song sometimes - the "yeah...yeah..." part - he shakes his fist and says "Yeah...Yeah..." It is so adorable! :)

Zachary was singing part of the song "Let my life be the proof, the proof of Your love - Let my love look like Yours, and what You're made of..."  Then he paused and I knew what was coming... "Mommy, what is God made of?" :)

A few weeks ago, as the leaves were just beginning to change, Natalie ran up to me excitedly, grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the sliding glass door, saying, "Mommy! I show you sumptin!  Sumptin orange! In da trees!"

Natalie always carries her favorite stuffed bear around, and she carries her on her hip just the same way I carry Davey.  One day when I picked up Davey, she picked up her bear, put her on her hip, and said, "I have my bear, you have yours baby." :)  She is so sweet, always cooing and baby talking to the bear as she carries her around.  And she always puts her down for a nap in David's room and closes the door.  Then she won't let anyone else go in, "No! My bear is sleeping!" :)

One day when the kids were playing out on the porch, I heard some kind of scuffle going on.  When I went out to find out what was happening between Natalie and Zachary, Natalie said, "I fussin. He fightin."  :)

We had so much fun on our trip to Cincinnati!  Zachary said some pretty funny things while we were there. :)  We spent a night at a hotel north of Columbus with a little kids waterpark in the pool area, and Z loved going down the little waterslide over and over, with Daddy or Uncle Jason catching him at the bottom. After a while, Daddy & Uncle Jason took a shift with the babies in the wading pool, and Mommy and Aunt Emily came to play with Zachary.  He wasn't sure whether he wanted Emily to catch him at the bottom of the slide, though - he had all kinds of questions, like, "Are you sure you're strong enough to catch me?" and "Emily, are you taller than this pool?" :)

The kids loved playing with their then-6-week-old cousin, Silas, when we were on our trip!  Davey even started saying the word baby! He pronounces it "beh-beh", and says it regularly now. :)

Zachary and Natalie were really sweet playing with Silas, too - Zachary was saying, "Hey, little cutie, Silas!" And Natalie was giving him kisses :)

Zachary went with Grandma to get some ice and groceries, and when they took the bag from the cooler, there was a sign with a man yelling, "Get the Big Bag so you don't run out!"  Well, we only needed a small bag, since we were only there two days, but Zachary was convinced that we were going to run out, and trying desperately to convince Grandma to get the big bag! "But Grandma, look, the man is yelling! We don't want to run out!" :)

I was standing in the dining room holding Davey and talking to him, and apparently Natalie was hungry, because she came over and said, "Go in kitchen and make supper."  Well, okay, then, bossy!!

We got some of those little rollerskates that fit over the kids' shoes at a garage sale last week, and they have been so delighted - well, Natalie fell down once and that was enough for her, but Zachary loves them!  He has been talking about them constantly and asking all kinds of questions about them.  As we were heading to the basketball court (the only paved place to rollerskate around here) one night, Zachary pushed the skates down the stairs ahead of him.  Of course, they crashed down the stairs. "Oh, so that's what would happen if you rollerskated down the stairs!", Zachary commented. LOL!

Zachary asked if Davey could rollerskate and I said, "No, he can't walk well enough."  "Yeah, and if he was going to crawl on rollerskates, he would need four of them!" was Z's answer. :)

Davey is walking now- it is so funny - he walks like Frankenstein, with his arms straight out in front of him. :) He is totally hilarious - I love watching new walkers - he is delighted with it!  He walks all over now!  And he is thrilled that he can carry something in his hands while walking (since you really can't carry anything while crawling). :)  He especially loves to get into the empty pop cans in the pantry, and he often walks around with an empty can in each hand. :)

My kids really need some help with their fashion sense - one day, Zachary came out of his room, and triumphantly announced, "Mom, look, my outfit matches!"  He was wearing a brown and green camo tank top with a brown and black pair of camo pants.  A couple days later, Natalie came down the hall, excitedly proclaiming that she matched - she was wearing a black pair of leggings with a black t-shirt.  Sigh. :)

Z has been writing stories in school this week, and that has been so fun! I want to post some of them soon!  He has been very excited about writing Fiction stories. :)  We just finished our first Five In A Row unit, and I think it was a success!  We studied The Story About Ping, and we studied China, and did a couple of experiments - the "does it float or sink?" experiment was a favorite activity, and Z loved our Jonah song too. :)  I like spending 2 weeks on the same verse, song, and Bible story, as well as the same FIAR unit - our next unit is How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World, and we'll be starting that tomorrow. :)  Natalie is liking her preschool work as well, and Zachary has been having fun learning alongside her, too!  Davey loves joining us for Circle Time, Bible Time, and Story Time, and then we save our crafts and most lessons for when Davey has his morning nap. :)  We've also been doing a half hour or so of DEAR - Drop Everything And Read - after lunch and before nap, and the kids REALLY look forward to that.  (I do too.) :)  Now I just have to do a better job of making sure Z is fitting in his seatwork/handwriting pages every day...I have forgotten to have him do them at least one day a week so far!!

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