Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kidlet Hilarity #8

We've been having a lot of fun at home and at camp this summer!  As usual, the kids have had a lot to say! :)

Zachary and I were playing a matching game with a fruit theme, and he said to me, "This isn't the fruit of the Spirit, Mom - it's not love, joy, and peace.  It's real fruit." :)

One day Joel took Zachary to Sam's Club for lunch when he had to pick some things up, and as a special treat, he let him get a glass of pop - and when they were finished shopping, he let him get a refill! So he came home after drinking two glasses of pop (caffeine-free, just full of sugar), and he was SO hyper!!  At one point, he was literally bouncing up and down on our bed, saying in a chipmunk voice, "Do they have small drinks at Sam's Club? 'Cause the ones I drank were LARGE!!"  I was laughing SO hard at wild him!! :)

I hear Z & Nat playing in their room with one of the dancing dogs they got for Christmas - they kept pushing the button and dancing to the song over and over.  Then Z tells Natalie, "I know it's all rocky and fun, but don't use up all the batteries."

One day when we were talking about being brave, Z said, "Yeah, you have to be brave to do that. You can't be a weenie!" :)

Natalie is talking a TON too - one night we were getting ready to go to camp, and Zachary had spent the afternoon swimming with a friend of ours.  I told her we would go to camp and see Bubba, and she jumped up and down and shouted, "I so 'cited! I see Bubba!" :)

Davey took Nat's toy out of her hand and she said, "No! Have sumpin else." and handed him a different toy. :)

One night when Zachary's leg was apparently hurting him, he said, "My knee has issues." (don't know where he got that one!) :)

When we were talking about chapel, Natalie said, "Chapel team. Anne! Chapel team LOUD."  But she loooooves chapel - she begs to go and sing in chapel! And sometimes breaks out in her own two-year-old version of the chapel songs (with motions of course) - "cweep, cweep...", "Lay me down..." etc. :)  I just know Jesus' heart smiles when He hears her sing!!

Natalie and I were playing together, and she handed me an imaginary something.  I assume it's some kind of food, thank her for it, and pretend to eat it.  "NO! Don't bite it! Put it on your shirt. It's a sticker."  Whoops! :)  Then she said, "I give you 'nother one." :)

As we were heading inside one day, Natalie was following me but Zachary was not following quickly - Nat shouts out to him, "Zachary, come inside! You not listening!" Don't know where she's heard that...

As we were taking a bath one night, Zachary shocked me by saying, "I think David's head is cracked!"  Thankfully it was just a bright blue vein showing up on his forehead!! But I was rather worried for a second there!

When asked why he wet his pants, Z's response was, "I don't have any answer that would be good. I don't know what to say. I have no idea."

As they were eating yogurt one day, Nat was being rather messy, and Z brought it up by saying, "Natalie, use your spoon. My hands are all neat and tidy."

When it's time to get ready in the morning, Zachary likes to go to his room and 'surprise' me by coming back a few minutes later all dressed.  So this morning when I asked him to surprise me by getting dressed, he ran to his room, and came back a minute later, stark naked, giggling. I was surprised, alright! :)

David is talking, too - today he said "Oo-dy" for Judy!! I couldn't talk him into saying cracker, but he says "Na-na" for most any kind of food that he wants. :)  He also says Mama all the time, whenever he wants anything, and Dada, too.  He took a little bit of a step tonight, from me to Daddy, mostly with help, but hey, it's a start - it's the first time I've seen him interested in walking at all! And he stands next to everything, and by himself for a few seconds, and is starting to walk down the couch while holding onto it. :)  He is totally weaned now (waaah, but also YESSSS!), and he loves his whole milk!! :)  He had a great birthday, enjoyed opening all his presents, and really loved eating his cake - especially the frosting!! :)

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