Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Preschool - Letter T!

Our family has been very busy with all kinds of fun- like a grandparents visit, LOTS of hours playing out the GORGEOUS, 70 degree MARCH weather (what? Here in western NY we regularly schedule SNOW retreats in early March!!), and even a Mommy & Daddy getaway to Niagara Falls, Canada!!  Anyhow, we somehow managed to squeeze in a week of school about the letter T!

I actually remembered to take a picture of our circle time center this week: The kids still love to use this every school day! :) 

Here is our Bible time board - Our song was Nothing Better than Jesus from the Sovereign Grace CD To Be Like Jesus.  Our verse was Jeremiah 10:6, which says 'No one is like You, O Lord. You are great. Your name is powerful.'  Our Bible passage was Jeremiah 10, about the difference between God and idols, how He is the only true God!    
Z did a great job on his verse puzzle, as usual. :)  He still really enjoys this activity each week, and he even works on it independently while I get craft stuff ready or work with Natalie.  

We made birthday cards for Daddy!! Z loves to use my circle punch (for scrapbooking), so he punched out some circles and glued them in his card. :)  He wrote the 'Hi' himself!! :)

Natalie drawing a heart for Daddy. :)

Zachary's first attempt at writing!!!  It says Happy Birthday (the bottom line is ay, though it looks like gn). :)  

We made Tree T's!  We colored the trunks brown first. 

Natalie coloring

Natalie adding some glue while Z glues on his leaves.

Our finished Tree T's (idea here).  Also, I couldn't find a T craft I liked on the blogs I usually check, so I searched Google images until i saw one I liked, and it worked really well!!

I love this picture. :)  We made these tiger paper bag puppets - we glued the pieces where we wanted them the first day, then drew/colored on them the 2nd day.  Z is growling/smiling. :)

Natalie growling with her puppet. :)

Their paper bag puppets (Z did a lot of his own drawing & gluing & his puppet is on the right.  I helped Nat a lot & her/my puppet is on the left. :)  (idea here)

This was a Saturday morning fun activity, not sure why it ended up here but I'll take it. :)  This is some sticky 'Yuck' stuff that my husband got sent a sample of - the tagline for this product was "It's just like snot!" and, um, yes, it was.  Totally gross but the kids loved it - messy cleanup though!!!  

We also did shaving cream printed paper (Pinterest idea!) - here Natalie is swirling some paint around in her shaving cream...

And Zachary is swirling his around...

And of course after we printed it on the paper, they swirled & played with the rest of the shaving cream for a little while. This was MESSY to clean up, though!!!  And my kitchen smelled like a man... :)  Also, I didn't get a picture of the finished product, but it was cool, all swirly & everything. You'll have to take my word for it, I guess! :)

Natalie concentrating on cutting apart her cut & paste pieces.

Natalie gluing - her favorite! While Z cuts. :)
Natalie drawing with a wipe off marker.
She loves to draw hearts! :)
So, we did a lot of playing outside, too - a LOT!!  Here are the kids wading in a creek at camp - it was in the 60s this day -and this week has been even nicer - in the 70s even!!  I can't get over how gorgeous it is! Such a struggle to stay in and do housework when I could be outside... :)

Earlier in the month (when there was still snow on the ground, apparently), we found a 'fuzzy wuzzy' caterpillar on our back porch - Z was very excited but Nat, who is currently afraid of all animals, cried and said, "Bug!" and refused to touch him. :)

Davey!! :) He loves to be outside!! He is currently rebelling against ever being put down or being even a foot away from me, so the fact that he can swing in his little red swing on the porch with Zachary gently pushing him (Z is so amazing with Davey!!), and then I can get something done, is totally awesome.  I am trying to work up my strength to wear him more, but he weighs 20 pounds, so I can't do it very long yet! He loves to be in the baby backpack, though, and shopping with 3 is a LOT easier now that he's big enough to ride in the backpack!! :)

Well, we didn't do a ton for the letter T, but I think some learning took place! :)  To check out everyone else's great activities, hop on over to Preschool Corner and Tot School! :)  After a week-long break, we're back to school this week with the letter U!! Only six weeks of school (and an easy Easter unit while we get ready to go on vacation) left!!  Then we can play outside even more! :)

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