Sunday, February 19, 2012

Preschool - Letters P and Q!

We're having fun with school the last couple of weeks!  We've studied the letters P and Q!  I neglected to take any pictures of our circle time or Bible time boards these last two weeks, but I'll try to reconstruct what we learned for you anyway! :)  

During letter P week, our Fruit of the Week was Joy!  We listened to the song Joy from the Sovereign Grace CD To Be Like Jesus, and our verse was Nehemiah 8:10- The joy of the Lord is your strength.  None of the kids got any treats for exhibiting joy that week (just a busy week & not always great responses when things didn't go their way), but it was a good opportunity to talk about joy.  Our Bible passage was in Nehemiah 8 when the people were instructed to be joyful when they heard God's Word!  

Our theme was Valentine's Day, and we did some fun things to get ready for Valentine's Day this week, along with making a Piano P (idea here)!  
The kids are drawing lines on their pianos, well, Z is drawing lines.  Nat is coloring. :)  

Nat pretending to play her piano while singing. :)

Z pretending to play his piano. :)  

Natalie putting glue on her P to glue down her piano!

Our finished Piano P's!
We made valentines for grandparents & great-grandparents!  The kids stamped them with a toilet paper roll that was bent into a heart shape (thanks, Pinterest!) :)  We ended up coloring on these, adding glitter & stickers, so it was a fun project. :)  

Here's Zachary stamping, too!

Here's Natalie cutting out her pieces of her cut & paste page!

Natalie is excited about the panda! :)  And Z is doing his verse puzzle.

Natalie cutting some more...
I tried to take a picture of Z's finished verse puzzle, and this is what I got - see that mischievous smile? :)

Now Natalie's gluing her page & Z is cutting his. :)  

Dot painting a P page (from here)!
Another fun thing we did this week, mostly for Nat, but we all enjoyed it, was to have a tea party together one afternoon.  We used play teacups & saucers, and had hot chocolate in a little play teapot together. :)  It was a lot of fun. :) We have also continued to keep up with the Operation World Prayer Calendar here - studying geography and praying for the people in each country of the world - Z looks forward to this and it is so sweet to hear him pray, "God, please help the people of Angola (etc.) to know about You and know You as their Savior." :)

We also studied the letter Q! Our Fruit of the Week was Peace, and our song was Peace from the Sovereign Grace CD To Be Like Jesus.  The kids did get a couple of rewards for choosing peace instead of fighting when the other one wasn't sharing, so that was encouraging. :)  Our Bible verse was John 14:27 - The peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don't be troubled or afraid.  And our passage was from John 14, about how His Holy Spirit gives us peace.

This week our theme was Valentine's Day again, and we had a lot of fun celebrating on the actual day!

Natalie colored big circles around her Q this week - almost like she was tracing!  

kids coloring :)

We made these valentine mailboxes to put the kids valentines in - it was really special & Z was really excited about them! :)

We made valentine sugar cookies that evening, too! :)

We made Queen Q's with some glitter glue on a crown - idea here.

I have been trying to encourage Zachary to draw things but he always says he can't - he doesn't like to fail at things.  Well, here's his first face! I drew the purple nose, and he drew the yellow eyes & mouth. :)

We played a quarter toss game - idea here!

Z enjoyed it!  Tossing the quarter in the cup!

Yay - we made it!  Nat didn't get the point of the game but she enjoyed pouring the quarters back and forth between the bowl & the cups. :)

I made a handmade version of the quarter counting worksheet (also found here) for us to use to talk about how many quarters make a dollar.  We did crayon rubbings of the quarters!  Crayon rubbings are always harder for Z than I think they will be...

dot painting a Q page (from here)

Z decided to color his all in, and I said it looked like a lion's mane so here he is drawing the lion's face. :)

Natalie smelling her dot marker - they are scented. :)

cutie :)

We got to play out in the snow for a little while this week!  We have had hardly ANY snow this winter which is super weird for us here!  So the kids really enjoyed this. :)
The game the kids kept asking to play this week was Uno Moo - a birthday present of Zachary's!  Natalie doesn't get the color matching aspect yet, but she loves to knock the other 'figures' (as the directions call the little animals/people and now that Z has read the directions he also refuses to call them anything else) into the barn through the little door - it's so fun! :)  Z has a good time with it & gets the matching part but is terrible at strategy! Unlike the card game, you can see what you're picking when you get new people, & he always gets excited about picking all of one then he keeps having to draw more colors... :)  But we all have fun with it!

Well, that was our last two weeks in Preschool & Tot School!  We're having a lot of fun with it, and looking forward to letter R next week, and just a few more weeks of school before summer! :)  As always, check out what everyone else is up to at Tot School & Preschool Corner! :)


The Monko said...

i love your valentine mailboxes, super cute.

Our Family for His Glory said...

What wonderful weeks! Those piano P's & valentine mailboxes are so cute!!! Those kids of yours are as beautiful/handsome as ever!

Deni said...

Hellllllllllooooo Stranger! Guess who's back on the world wide web (well not back back, I've been around, but well, you know what I mean!) I missed you and your awesome teaching ways!