Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tot School - Letter M

So, apparently I just post my Tot School whenever I randomly feel like it now...I think we finished the letter M almost two weeks ago now? But here it is for you today - surprise! :)

So, we studied the letter M. Here is a picture of our circle time board:

Sorry it's blurry. Here's another picture, this time with Z putting up the
weather for the day:
Our verse this week was too long for Z to really remember, he didn't have a great time with it. But he liked talking about Jesus being our shepherd.

We played with this preschool-level 'I-Spy'ish book this week, and he loved finding the animals in the pictures!
And we made a letter M collage - with marshmallows!!! (He seems pretty excited, don't you think? It's the marshmallows.)

Gluing...rather intensely...
Adding marshmallows.
Plenty of marshmallows. We were saying, "One for the paper, one for my mouth..." :)
Our finished marshmallow M.
Eating some more marshmallows. :)

We fingerpainted (and used brushes, too).

And hands.
And Natalie finger-painted for the first time!!! She was kind of unsure...

still unsure...

inspecting her work...

adding some blue...

Ooh, what's on my finger?

She also liked using a brush!

Brush and fingers!
Our finished pictures - Natalie's on the left, Zachary's on the right. :)

We played with snow inside - this was fun! But I think next time I'll put down towels instead of the table cloth because Natalie's pants got wet and cold after a few minutes and she did NOT like that! :(
Natalie is unsure about the snow..

but not Zachary! He dives right in!

still unsure...

now she does what Brother does!


making a snowball?

and of course, eating snow.

My sweeties digging together. :)

And, now, for Natalie's funniest accomplishment in the last couple of weeks...THE LOOK!!! She will give you this look if you tell her no, or just if she wants to, and it is hilarious. :) She gives this look to a lot of people in public, especially if they're talking to her & she doesn't know them- so funny! :)

Natalie is starting to talk, and I just love it!!! I don't know if anyone else has experienced this with your second child, but don't they seem so much YOUNGER than your first was at this age??? It seems like when Zachary was 13 months, he was so BIG, but Natalie seems so LITTLE - it seems like she shouldn't be talking & walking yet - but she is! She walks whenever she wants to, and crawls quite a bit, though she's starting to choose to walk instead of crawling more and more each day, so that's fun. She says "Mama", "Dada", "Ba-ba" means bye-bye, "Ca-ca" or "Ga-ga" mean cracker (usually she's pointing at a cracker she wants or has, so you can tell what she's saying), and just today she said "Ba." for ball (which she loves)! :)

And of course I love to watch the two of them play together! Z is so funny with her, he talks to her in his teacher voice sometimes - he'll say, "This is a BALL, Natalie, A BALL." in the same tone I would. :) They play well together most of the time, so that is fun. Though Natalie has definitely perfected the 'screaming when I want something Zachary has, so that Mama will come running to see what is apparently killing me' routine! :) Here they are playing peek-a-boo while Natalie is supposed to be finishing breakfast- Z loves to do this when he finishes his meal before her! :)

Well, we just finished the letter N today, but I don't have the energy to add it to this post (which I started about 3 days you'll get that sometime, um, later. :) We have a super exciting day tomorrow - PBS station WNED in Buffalo is having something called KidFest and we are supposedly going to meet Sid the Science Kid (Zachary's favorite tv show), Curious George & the Cat in the Hat! We are pretty excited about it & hope it's really a fun time! :) I will try to post pictures whenever I get my letter N post together! :)


Deni said...

Hey at least you post and do it! I need to get back on the wagon

Elle Belles Bows said...

Great week with the letter M.

I know what you mean about posting. I go through cycles of posting a good bit and then drop off.