Monday, January 10, 2011

Tot School - Letters K and L

Well, I'm back!!! We have been doing Tot School these last couple of weeks, though I have NOT found the time to blog about it! Life has been crazy, but for great reasons! :) First of all, Christmas - my parents and sister visited - we had a great day together (before all three of them came down with the stomach flu that had just finished going through our family).

Here are Grandpa and Auntie Beth playing with Zachary's new giraffe puzzle:

This puzzle is double-sided with letters on one side and numbers 1-26 on the other!

So, two weeks ago, we studied the letter K. Here is our morning circle time board: Funny story about the K is for Kick your Legs - the first day I said that, I was finding some supplies & he started the kicking without me - I turned around and looked at him, and he was actually using his feet to kick himself in the legs. "Mommy, why does it say kick your legs?" he asked. It was SO funny. :)

Here is an updated picture of his sight word wall:

And here we are making our K collage by kissing our K! :) We were wearing lipstick. :)

Lipstick Face!
Our finished K:

We have all of our letters from this school year hanging on one side of the schoolroom: I love it! :)

Here are the kids playing with the AquaDoodle mat. Right before I took this picture, Natalie was drawing on the corner of the mat with the pen! :) Zachary said he was making 'a big wet man'. :)

Natalie sucking the water out of the pen. :)

Zachary traced the letter K without any help from me! :)

Then, last week, we focused on the letter L. Here is our morning board: the Kindness song is from the Music Machine Fruit of the Spirit CD.

Here we are making our L - first the glue:

PLENTY of glue:
then we stuck on our leaves. Since our yard is buried under six or ten feet of snow, this was one time that I was glad to have a random milk crate full of fall leaves still out on our porch! :) Yay for not cleaning the porch! :)

The finished product:

We used our clothespin cards:

And this is quickly becoming a favorite activity - the PickUpSticks and some containers - one is from bubbles, one from Parmesan cheese.

Natalie reaching for another stick:

working to get it in the container...
Success! Yay! (love that squishy little baby footie....) :)
Zachary used his square shape viewer to find squares this week: he found a puzzle base

and some blocks (I love how Natalie is reading while we're doing Z's activity)

more reading... :)
Zachary found some more square blocks

We played with our letter L playdough mat this week, and Natalie got a turn to experience the playdough too.

She liked it! :)

She dropped some so she bent over & picked it up - she's getting much more sure of herself & SO close to walking! :) I caught her standing up on her own from a sitting position in the middle of a room a few times this week, and she walks along the walls with just one hand on the wall for balance!

Zachary using a butter knife to cut the playdough.

Using a wooden block to stamp the letters into the playdough - this was a good sensory activity that also gave us an opportunity to discuss the letters!

We painted with cotton balls and white paint on blue paper to make clouds: (our unit this month is weather and I tried to focus on clouds this week - we read It Looked Like Spilt Milk, from the library, and then painted some clouds).

Our finished clouds - mine on the bottom, Z's on the top:

We attempted to make a cloud in a bottle two different days, by using hot water in the bottle, and ice on a rag on the top, but we never got it to work. Anybody have any tips? We got condensation on the bottle inside but no cloud!

Just for fun:

Here's Natalie getting into her favorite crackers in the pantry! :)

And Natalie all dressed up for church, and NOT too happy that Mama is choosing to take a picture instead of immediately delivering her morning banana and toast! :)

And Zachary, excited about waiting for the cloud in the bottle:

To see what everyone else is doing for Tot School this week, head on over to 1+1+1=1!


Debbi said...

Your kids are so cute! I just LOVE that giraffe puzzle & am know thinking maybe my boys don't have all the puzzles they "need." :)

Carrie said...

Debbie, thanks! :) I know, you can never have too many puzzles - they can teach so many different skills!!! :) I wish I could tell you where to find the giraffe one - it was a gift from my grandma - and all the box said was 'Hawthorne Direct LLC' - but when I search for that online I'm not coming up with much! :( I'm so sorry! If I do find out, I'll let you know! :)

Savannah said...

Just found your blog..looks like your little ones have been having fun!

Our Family for His Glory said...

You've been so busy... but, yes, for good reasons! :) I love his little kiss face... you always have such great ideas for your little ones!

JodeJette said...

THANK YOU so much for posting that photo of the giraffe puzzle. We received this as a gift years ago (2 or 3) and my kiddos were way too young. They are about to turn four and it's perfect--but I had no idea how to assemble it! Your blog came up in my search. WHEW!