Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Well, I was going to write some witty and profound post about Mother's Day, based on my limited experience in the field...but then Antique Mommy said it much better than I ever could have: click here to read what she had to say- it's so true! My favorite little quote from her post is this: "Motherhood is often draining, exasperating, annoying, unsatisfying, and almost always smelly. It is also true that there is nothing else you have ever done in your life that you would describe in those terms, yet quickly add, "But I love it! It is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me!" " Such a great post! :)

So, in honor of Mother's Day, check out some of the great Mommy bloggers on my sidebar! I would have to say that Antique Mommy is my favorite blogger...funny sometimes, poignant sometimes, but always well-written. Second, I would pick Fiddledeedee at It Could'a Been Worse...and thirdly, lately, I've really gotten into One Thing, I think mostly because her life is so interesting- she has twelve children, the oldest is getting married, the youngest is about a month old!! And of course, Big Mama and BooMama are classics! :) So enjoy, because they say most everything better than I can! :)

Also, speaking of mothers, my parents are here this weekend, and my sister, so we're all going to be celebrating Mother's Day together tomorrow! :) Hubby says that Z has a present for me, and he keeps telling Z not to tell me- so far he hasn't. :)

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Happy Mother's Day!!!