Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Yesterday, I had this idea. I was thinking of 'live-blogging' for a couple days. Sort of a 'day in the life' kind of thing, just blogging about what's going on with me that day, checking in with the interpeeps when I walk by the computer...

But. Then I realized how utterly boring that would be for all the readers involved. Considering that the big excitement for this morning was a semi parked on the country road outside our house. The semi driver even came to the house, I figured he was lost & wanted directions, but actually he had a delivery for the camp. So there you go. The most exciting part of my morning was someone making a delivery to camp. I tried to feed Zachary his cereal, but he wouldn't eat it for some reason. Later this morning, he ate and had a dirty diaper. Also, I cleaned the bathrooms and washed the dishes. And worked on my devotional for Hobby Weekend, which is coming up next week.

So after sharing my riveting morning with you all, I think you'll understand why I decided to forego the 'live-blogging' of my day, and instead bore you every few days with the 'more exciting' tidbits of my life.

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