Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Overdue and Unhappy

Well, in case you're wondering... YES, it is my due date today. NO, we do not have a baby yet. Please don't ask. I am officially overdue. Somehow I had sort of convinced myself that since little Jr. was measuring big, he would be early...but in fact, he is just big. Or else he's just too comfortable. I've been walking and trying every 'natural labor-inducing remedy' I can find on the internet...but no baby yet! I have been feeling so horribly grouchy about the whole thing...and then I feel terrible for feeling grouchy... I mean, I'm SO thankful for this baby, shouldn't I just be grateful & not grouchy that he's not here yet? But seriously, I cried for about a half hour last night because I wasn't in labor!!!

We saw the doctor today, and she scheduled an ultrasound and non-stress test for Friday, and if the baby looks okay, she will let me go home and keep waiting...and if there's no baby by next Monday night, December 10th, she will be inducing me with Cervidil. SO...at the VERY latest, Jr. should be here in the next week! :) Hubby is doing a great job being patient, keeping me stocked up with ice cream, and keeping my attitude positive while we WAIT! (and holding me while I cry...)

We have had some gorgeous snow here today and yesterday...I love the snow...the way it looks, going out walking in it...I'm sure I won't love it as much by March, but for now, it is beautiful! Hope everyone else is enjoying your winter! :) Hopefully we'll have some news here soon!!!

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