Friday, June 1, 2007

A Chipmunk Day

Sorry it's been SO long since I've posted! I have been SUPER-busy between camp and my other job that I'm finishing up...only 7 working days to go... I don't remember the last time I had a day off, but I'm making it...looking forward to just being full-time at camp!

Well, today was quite the eventful day in the area of rodents. Joel called me at work to tell me that when he went home for lunch, he found a dead chipmunk on the floor next to our bed. My side of the bed, of course. So he took care of it, which I am very thankful for. Then, I came home from work, and was petting my outside cat, Pepper, and I noticed a little chipmunk on our porch, not three feet away from me! It was just sitting there- I think it's little back feet were injured or something....well anyway, Pepper was not through with it...when I came home from camp tonight, all that was left was the tail. Just a tail. Just a lonely chipmunk tail sitting there in front of the door. I had Joel take care of that, too. And I'm thankful for my cats- if it weren't for them, I'd have met a LIVE chipmunk running around in my house, I'm sure! That would not have been pretty.

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